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Specialty Sleep Association Expands Disclosure Label Program

Following a year of working sessions, the Specialty Sleep Association is now offering a revised and upgraded SSA Environmental & Safety Program® for mattresses with “green claims.” “Updates have been made to the SSA Environmental & Safety Program® for those manufacturers wishing to make “green claims” substantiated by testing and documentation, as well as through use...
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Going Green: Certification & Education Programs within the Industry

Bedding manufacturers are responding to growing consumer interest in making environmentally friendly buying decisions by offering new, innovative products. Various certification programs have also emerged to verify bedding industry claims that their products are “green.” Unlike government regulations, with which all manufacturers must...
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Naturepedic’s Organic Baby and Kids Mattresses Certifications

Naturepedic wants parents who purchase mattresses for their children to have a sense of confidence and peace of mind. The Ohio based company offers a full line of certified organic mattresses ranging from baby cribs to twin, full and queen size beds for children of all ages. According to company founder Barry Cik, Naturepedic mattresses are designed without...
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