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Winter 2022: Mattress & Bedding Industry Trends

Most of the trends we identified and products we saw at the Las Vegas Market directly address new and emerging consumer expectations. 

Eclipse International Highlights Luxury Lines

Highlighting its new Millbrook Beds Windsor line and Hemingway Adventure Series, Eclipse International is emphasizing its positioning as a premium mattress manufacturer.
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Q&A: Encouraging Continued Interest In Sleep Health

Industry leaders answer the question: How can the bedding industry encourage the heightened consumer interest in sleep health even after the pandemic is over?

Eclipse & BIA Appoint New Leadership For West Coast Operations

Eclipse appoints Michael Moore to director of sales, licensing and new business development, and Mike Mulligan to director of operations and manufacturing.
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Eclipse International Helps Retailers Meet The Demands Of Today

Eclipse is helping retailers capitalize on growing consumer demand by offering sought-after materials, cohesive selling stories and clear differentiators.

Eclipse International & BIA Bring On New CFO/COO To Support Growth

For more than a decade, Steven Sciortino, CPA worked closely with Eclipse International and Bedding Industries of America's CEO Stuart Carlitz as one of his most trusted advisors. He is now officially joining the team.
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