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Dow Launches North American SleepStudio

Dow Polyurethanes recently opened a SleepStudio location in North America. Following the successful establishment of a SleepStudio in Horgen, Switzerland late last year, this North American location marks the company’s second SleepStudio worldwide. The facility is a collaborative meeting and demonstration space that fosters dialogue and education to advance comfortable sleep. Seeking...
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Dow Rolls Out New VORASURF Polyurethane Additives Family

As part of DowDuPont Materials Science Division’s ongoing commitment to provide customers with greater access to expertise and products, more buying options and reliability, the technologies of Dow Corning Polyurethane Additives (PUA) will be incorporated into the Dow Polyurethanes portfolio under the VORASURF Polyurethane Additives brand name. VORASURF Polyurethane Additives will serve...
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Dow Ensures Cleaner Sleep with New Washable Memory Foam Technology

Memory foam bedding is one of the fastest-growing products in consumer markets, especially pillows. Memory foam pillows cradle and support the head and neck, ensuring a better night’s sleep for many people. But unfortunately, most memory foam pillows are not easily washable because tiny, porous memory foam cells hold water long after a pillow is...
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