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Corsicana Expands Military Program

A long-standing supporter of America’s armed forces, Corsicana Mattress is expanding its product presence at the United States military exchanges. The program expansion will enable Corsicana to offer a broader product selection as well as special pricing to military personnel on its American Bedding, NightsBridge, EarlyBird, Renue and Sleep Inc. brands. The military...
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Corsicana Acquires Symbol Mattress

Corsicana Mattress Co. recently acquired Richmond, Virginia-based Symbol Mattress, in a transaction that creates the nation’s largest manufacturing organization serving consumers looking to purchase mattresses for under $1,000, which remains the most popular buying segment in the industry. Together, the company will operate 16 manufacturing centers and employ more...
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Corsicana Celebrates 50 Years By Giving Back

In honor of its 50th anniversary, Corsicana Mattress will celebrate the milestone by launching “Corsicana Mattress Cares,” an employee-driven initiative to donate products to charities in each of its plant communities.

Quarterly donations and regular charitable initiatives to become a typical part of Corsicana's year

All 10 of Corsicana’s plant facilities across the country...
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