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The Problem Solving Powers of Performance Materials

Amidst the electronic glow of daily life, we often associate technology with apps and devices. However, bedding manufacturers have been incorporating technological advancement into the materials of their latest sleep products. And while the technology itself isn’t always easily visible, the effects are tangible. From copper, Tencel and Celliant to exclusive proprietary technologies, manufacturers...

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Active Lifestyle Products Review

An increasing number of manufacturers are catering to consumers with active lifestyles who are also aware of, and crave, the rejuvenating benefits of a good night’s sleep. The companies below are incorporating the latest technologies, performance fabrics, and innovative sleep systems to produce product lines that will improve their customers’ sleeping and waking lives. Bedgear Read more

Fabrictech Goes Global

Fabrictech International is living up to its name by taking its successful merchandizing, marketing and message global. With a new licensee agreement in place, the New Jersey-based company’s first step in global outreach takes the company to Australia and New Zealand with Multimaster...
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Use of Celliant Technology Increases in Bedding Industry

Celliant, an ever-popular and unique material used in both mattress and top of bed products, is gaining attention as a textile technology that benefits a sleeper’s health and well-being. The material starts as yarn composed of 13 optically responsive minerals that modifies visible and infrared light and then recycles it into energy the body can...
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