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Kids Mattresses And Bedding Products Net Big Returns

Today’s burgeoning youth bedding market looks vastly different from the limited selection of years past. Historically, manufacturers focused on affordability over performance, giving little consideration to the specific needs of growing children. Bedding producers today have discovered that, with the wealth of new data about the health benefits of...
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Three Happy Coconuts’ Happiness Pillow Receives 2016 National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA)

Three Happy Coconuts announces that its hypo-allergenic Happiness pillow, made of 100% certified-organic latex, is the recipient of a 2016 National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA). "Our awards program recognizes top-quality products that are innovative, reliable and useful to families,” says Julie Kertes, NAPPA General Manager. “The Happiness Pillow received the vote of confidence from our parent...
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Palmpring Opens Doors on Sleek New Showroom in Pasadena, California

Palmpring announces a spectacular new retail location in Pasadena, California - home to the Rose Bowl and many of Southern California’s most well-known museums and the region’s most historic homes. Located on Green Street in a fashionable section of Old Town Pasadena, the new Palmpring and Three Happy Coconuts showroom is in close proximity to...
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