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Cerberus To Acquire Brooklyn Bedding, Helix

Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. (together with its affiliates, “Cerberus”), Brooklyn Bedding LLC (“Brooklyn Bedding”), and Helix Sleep, Inc. (“Helix”) recently announced the signing of definitive agreements pursuant to which an affiliate of Cerberus will acquire each of Brooklyn Bedding and Helix in a series of related transactions. Upon completion...
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Brooklyn Bedding Launches EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid

Bedding and mattress manufacturer, Brooklyn Bedding recently launched an all new sustainable sleep solution: the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid, designed to provide a thoroughly natural and customizable way to sleep. Joining the company’s EcoSleep series, the new mattress features a sustainably sourced, uniquely zippered top cover with a flippable latex...

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Brooklyn Bedding Introduces Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding recently announced the evolution of one of its smartest sleep solutions: the all-new Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid. Offering the same renewal properties of the original Propel Sleep mattress in a flippable format, the new version is designed to meet individual sleep needs – featuring optional firmness levels, optional profiles and optional support features...
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