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Shifman to Launch New Collection at Bloomingdales

Shifman Anniversary CollectionShifman is planning a mid-August launch of a new line of mattresses exclusively at Bloomingdale’s: The Anniversary Collection. In addition to Shifman’s signature two-sided mattress construction, the new line is distinguished by a high content of all-natural cotton, real boxsprings, and enhanced comfort choices. The Traditional...
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Shifman Introduces “Versailles” to Bloomingdale’s Collection

Shifman, a leading manufacturer of handmade, luxury mattresses, celebrates its 25 years of partnership with Bloomingdale’s by introducing Versailles, a limited-edition sleep system. Set to hit stores in August, Versailles is one of Shifman’s most beautiful achievements. “Versailles is a masterpiece,” boasts Bill Hammer, president of Shifman Mattress Company. “Versailles not only radiates opulence, but it...
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Shifman Launches Luxury Two-Sided All-Latex Mattress for Bloomingdale’s

Creating exclusive collections allows Shifman Mattresses to satisfy specific consumer demand for their retail customers. Shifman’s newest bedding collection, created exclusively for Bloomingdale’s, includes the highest quality of natural latex available for superior comfort and durability. “We are excited about the introduction of this...
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