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ReST Smart Bed Partners With BedJet

 ReST recently partnered with BedJet to offer customers the opportunity to add rapid heating, cooling, and climate control to the ReST Bed’s existing smart bed capabilities.

The ReST Bed senses a sleeper's position and makes automatic real-time adjustments. This technology, combined with five customizable zones makes the...

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Mattress Firm To Carry BedJet Climate-Control Products

BedJetFollowing its debut on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” on Tuesday, February 3, BedJet has announced its partnership with Mattress Firm. The retailer will begin selling innovative bedding climate control system in March 2015. “Our goal when developing the BedJet was to bring the most cutting-edge technology available...
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BedJet Unveils Proactive Climate Control System

BedJet BedJet is introducing a whole new way of heating and cooling a bed at the summer Las Vegas Market with the debut of the BedJet bedding comfort system. The BedJet is a proactive bed cooling, heating and climate control system, providing users near instant control of...
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