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Airweave Announces New Global Canine Brand Ambassador, Masaru

Airweave recently signed its first-ever Am-bark-ssador, Masaru, the Akita Inu owned by Olympic figure skating champion Alina Zagitova. Masaru will be featured in Airweave’s upcoming promotions for their pet-friendly, 100% washable mattresses. Masaru will be featured with “dog-Mom” and 2018 gold-medalist, Alina Zagitova, in the global campaign slated to launch early this year....
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2018: The Year Of The Nap Pod

In a year chock-full of exciting new sleep technologies, few were as intriguing as the nap pod. Cropping up in all sorts of unexpected locations—from the work place to the airport, the mall and even some dedicated retail spaces—these personal snooze chambers have really taken off in 2018. Whether designated for...

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Airweave Debuts New Modular Mattress

Airweave is unveiling its newest mattress model to the US market​​. Developed to satisfy a wider range of consumer needs, the new Airweave Mattress Advanced delivers the company’s signature support and breathability with a unique modular design. Born from a desire to help sleepers achieve better spinal alignment, Airweave was established when Founder...
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