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The Sleep Retailer 2020 Gift Guide

What could be a more practical gift than the gift of better sleep? Whether you are on the hunt for a good present or trying to attract the holiday shopper to your store, we have ideas for you.

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The Value Of Cornering A Niche

When it comes to selling, anytime and especially right now, you have to have a strong value proposition to be successful. You also need some sort of edge that makes your brand unique. And that can be hard! What about your product or brand makes it sought after—especially in a market as flooded with...

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The Pillow Bar Rolls Out Three Luxurious New Products

The Pillow Bar is rolling out new bed and bath luxuries, including a bath sheet towel, a candle and a sand sheet set. These sumptuous products make for terrific gifts and provide unique accessory options for retailers looking to help customers create an opulent sleep routine. Made of 100% combed cotton for comfort...
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