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STORIS eCommerce Update Supports Self-Service

eSTORIS 4.3.6 is delivering multitude of new features to help retailers make a major impact on the customer experience. As the role of websites continues to expand, STORIS' eCommerce Product Management team addresses non-linear shopping journeys and logistical enhancements in this new release.

Customers can independently complete a quoted order online

First, new functionality...
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STORIS And Tools2Win Partner

STORIS and Tools2Win recently partnered to provide retailers using STORIS’ Unified Commerce Solution the ability to send key data to the Tools2Win Analytical Platform. Tools2Win includes merchandising, inventory, marketing, and sales tools. Reports are delivered to a retailer’s inbox daily in a simple, easy-to-read, and visual format allowing retailers and their staff to...
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STORIS Release 10.5 Touts 30 New Features

Having the right inventory available at the right time is the hallmark of successful merchandising but is a particular challenge given current market conditions. In order to address this challenge, STORIS is introducing its all-new Comprehensive Replenishment Tool. This interactive tool provides a real-time view of a retailer’s supply so they have...
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