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Logicdata Launches New Silverlite Adjustable Bed Frame

First introduced as a reference design for customization at the 2019 Winter Las Vegas Market, LOGICDATA’s SILVERlite adjustable base returns to LVM updated, improved and available for immediate shipping beginning July 2019. SILVERlite, the second major product in LOGICDATA’s SILVER Series, was developed by LOGICDATA in response to the growing e-commerce sector’s desire...
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LOGICDATA Introduces Groundbreaking Adjustable Base

With the launch of its SILVER Series of functional adjustable bases/bedframes, LOGICDATA is reinventing adjustable bed technology through innovation, functionality and design. The company engineered the new SILVER Series frame with its all-new, nationally recognized* ELEmatic System, a revolutionary design hiding the technology responsible for adjusting the frame within a clean and flawless design. Compared...
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