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Fall 2020 Editors’ Picks

Our top picks for the fall, including new programs from Diamond Mattress, Blu Sleep, BEDGEAR and more.
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Spring 2020 Editors’ Picks

Our top picks for this spring, including new products and programs from Corsicana, Blu Sleep, Brooklyn Bedding and more.
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Winter 2020 Editors’ Picks

Our top picks for the winter, including new products and ideas from Blu Sleep, Reverie, Malouf, Saatva and SplitIt.
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The Pillow Proposition: Pillows To Suit The Needs Of Every Sleeper

Finding the right pillow is a critical to achieving healthy rest. Essential to spine health, pillows help keep the upper body in alignment as we sleep.
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Q&A: The Power Of Aromatherapy

We ask leaders from PureCare, Blu Sleep & Malouf: What makes aromatherapy sell and how can retailers use it to their advantage?

American Made, Roll Packed Mattresses

Retailers benefit from stocking their showrooms with domestically-made products that are easy to ship to the customer.
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