Snooze News Weekly | September 14 – 20, 2018

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  • American mattress manufacturers are filing an anti-dumping duty petition against unfairly traded mattresses from China. Read the full press release from PR Newswire.

  • In last week's eNews, we shared a Sleep Retailer original article which chronicles some of the buzziest trends in mattress retail right now and how retailers can incorporate them into their stores.

  • Macy's bedding supplier apparently exaggerated its thread counts and as a result, is under scrutiny according to this story from Bloomberg.

  • In this original piece from, we explored the many benefits of roll-packing beyond the obvious - convenience.

  • CNBC has high hopes for retailers this holiday season. Read their predictions here.

  • 2018 has seen a huge new sleep trend: the nap pod. In a recent Sleep Retailer original, we compared several types of nap-on-the-go sleep experiences and shared the National Sleep Foundation's advice for healthy napping - so you can make a well-reasoned decision about where to sleep during the day.

  • If you are starting to plan your trip to Vegas Market this winter the "book the block" hotel promotion is back. Get the scoop on the savings from Furniture Today.

  • Retail sales have grown by the smallest amount in six months, but MarketWatch predicts that spending is primed to rebound.

  • Soft-Tex has its finger on the pulse of the industry's biggest trends and at the New York Home Fashions Market the brand is set to showcase its most relevant solutions. Get the full details from Sleep Retailer.

  • CKI Solutions recently updated its easy king bed doubling system. Learn how to combine twin beds with ease in this article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Retail start-ups are flocking to Soho. Find out why in this Business Insider story.

  • A new website called Sleep Club launched recently. Learn what it's all about in this story from Furniture Today.

Science & Fun Stuff

  • Reader's Digest recently wrote an article capturing exactly what its like to sleep with a CPAP machine. It makes for a fascinating read.

  • Making your bed = having a better sex life? Who knew? This article from the NY Post and this article from Bustle both explain what making your bed everyday says about your personality, and how it translates into more fun between the sheets.

  • Men's Health explains how long you can go without sleep, and we should probably take their word for it.

  • On the flip-side, Bustle discusses the consequences of too much sleep in this article.

  • According to Metro UK, sleep loss can be as detrimental to university performance as binge-drinking or drug use - read the full story.

  • Do you own a home? Forbes reported on a recent study proving homeowners get less sleep and clean more than renters.

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