Snooze News Weekly | October 5 – 10, 2018

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  • FALL 2018 ISSUE RELEASE: A new issue of Sleep Retailer hits the streets today! Read the full magazine digitally here or view fall issue posts at

  • With both sleep deprivation and sleep products on rise, it's no wonder quality sleep comes at a price. Vox explores the 'disruption' of the market and resulting commodification of good rest in this compelling story.

  • Malouf is expanding globally and rapidly. We covered the brand's anticipated trajectory here at

  • Read more about popular co-working start-up, WeWork's quest to reinvigorate retail in this story from Digiday.

  • Just in case you missed the big news, Mattress Firm declared bankruptcy last week. Of course, numerous media outlets covered the story - so we'll just highlight a few: Here's the company's official statement. We also covered it in this post from Sleep Retailer. CNN blames Casper in this story, and a Forbes contributor predicts Matt. Firm's next moves in this article.

  • The National Retail Federation is predicting increased holiday sales this year. Read on in this story from ABC's shopping segment.

  • PERQ Marketing offers AI assessment software to help increase retail website engagement leading to increased in-store conversion. Read more about the company's unique product in this article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Sleep Artisan launched a new pillow line. Get more information here from Business Insider.

  • Barron's designated four top retail brands with stocks that are likely to keep rising in value is in this article and discusses the potential causes of each brand's profitability.

  • RevCascade recently launched a new drop-shipping program to help brick-and-mortar retailers 'extend' their proverbial aisles with easily shippable off-site inventory. Read more about this new option here from Sleep Retailer.

  • Curbed digs into mattress start-up marketing strategy by asking why the subway is plastered with bedding ads in this story.

  • According to this article from Furniture World, International Market Centers recently announced that it donated the building referred to as Showplace West to High Point in an effort to support the revitalization of the downtown area.

Science & Fun Stuff

  • By delving into the research, this recent article from NPR considers the difference between science backed sleep apps and apps that employ principles of relaxation to help users get better rest.

  • It's common knowledge that sleeping pills can pose health risks. Time discusses why you shouldn't take them every night in this story.

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