Snooze News Weekly | November 9 – 15, 2018

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  • Architectural Digest wants to bring back bed skirts in this story.

  • Forbes rounded up its top 5 holiday season retail trends in this listicle.

  • Latexco is expanding its manufacturing capabilities with a new facility out west. We covered here at

  • Tuft&Needle recently debuted an Amazon exclusive mattress. Get the details in this brief from Retail Dive.

  • We wrote about how retailers can break away from unprofitable promotional activities in this original article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Men's Health has some gift recommendations for people who really love sleep in this listicle. Do you have any of these items on your showroom floors?

  • According to this story from Apple Insider, iPhone alarms could start automatically changing your alarm to ensure a full nights sleep!

  • We investigated Amazon's foray into the bedding and mattress sector with its private label brand in this original story from Sleep Retailer.

  • Analysts are seeing both positives and negatives in Q3 bedding figures according to this update from Furniture Today.

  • Go2Sleep rings use AI to diagnose sleep issues. Learn more about this new sleep gadget from this article from

  • Eclipse International recently announced that its Velika line has become a bestselling introduction. We wrote about it here at

  • Mashable ranked all the online mattress options in this list.

  • Bedding exhibitors are prepping for their Tupelo Market intros. Read more here from Furniture Today.

  • A Vice writer went to a sleep show; you can read all about their experience in this story.

  • A student at High Point University dedicated her research project to helping the mattress industry. Read more from the blog.

  • We wrote about how parents can help their teens sleep without the use of medications here at

  • NY Mag's Strategist is apparently having a sleep week...whatever that means! Check it out here.

  • Latexco recently hosted an open house to introduce its expansion plans. We covered the story at Sleep Retailer.

  • Diamond Mattress unveiled its new patented wrapped coils system. Read more about this unique technology in this article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Lifehacker covered a new sleep app called the 'shleep app' in this story.

  • Earlier this week, SpaceFoam launched its first product, a pillow. We wrote about it here at

  • Feeling nostalgic? Check out this post from Reader's Digest showing images of your favorite retail stores then and now.

  • Brooklyn Bedding recently launched its newest mattress, the Spartan, which uses smart fabric to deliver unique benefits. Read more here from Sleep Retailer.

  • Buffy, an eCommerce comforter brand, recently launched bi-coastal fulfillment with the help of Boxzooka. Get the full story from Sleep Retailer.

  • Brooklinen launched a new line for babies! Read more in this release from Business Insider.

  • Pleasant Mattress will host a sale later this month to benefit a local non-profit which supports victims of domestic violence. Learn more in this post from Sleep Retailer.

Science & Fun Stuff

  • has another reason to get more sleep! Read more in this article.

  • The Washington Post wrote about the connection between poor sleep and anxiety in this story.

  • Glamour Magazine UK laid out the perfect nighttime routine to help you relax before bed in this post.

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