Snooze News Weekly | May 3 – May 9, 2019

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  • Spring Issue Release | Read the spring issue of Sleep Retailer yet before the summer issue comes out! In it you'll find—our cover story, Brooklyn Bedding Can Help You Build Your Brand, a Q&A all about the power of aromatherapy in sleep products, a pillow-oriented product focus and much more. View the issue in digital PDF form here and in web story form here

  • Chain stores are creating their own holidays. Is the trend working? How can you create a successful made-up holiday for your shop? This article from Chain Store Age explores the topic.

  • ISPA is updating its quarterly bedding data. Learn more in this story from

  • Associated Press News is wondering: are retail jobs in a funk?

  • Inverse rounded up some unique sleep solutions in this list.

  • According to this story from Forbes, Casper wants to be more than just a mattress company.

  • Malouf is expanding its container direct programs for retail partners. We wrote about it in this article from Sleep Retailer.

  • This list from Fatherly highlights top sleep sprays (sleep spray just means aromatherapy mist, in case you were wondering).

  • PureCare's Elements Sheets won the Women's Choice Award. We've got the details in this update from

  • According to this story from Yahoo, Canadian retailer Sleep Country is teaming up with the Canadian Mental Health Association and Serta to launch Counting Sheep for Mental Wellness, a national mental health awareness campaign.

  • HSM is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year with a number of exciting initiatives. Learn more about them in this article from

Science & Fun Stuff

  • The FDA has given Ambien the 'black box label,' its strongest warning. Learn more about what this means from Livescience.

  • A new study suggests that losing even 16 minutes of sleep could impact work performance. Full story here from USA Today.

  • Refinery 29 chronicles the many benefits of sleeping naked in this list.

  • According to this article from the NY Post, one in five Americans would give up sex for good sleep.

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