Snooze News Weekly | May 25 – 31, 2018

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  • With echoes of early retail "leasing departments," trendy stores like Story are altering perceptions of brick-and-mortar retail by offering consumers ever-changing wares at little risk to its owners. Forbes asks whether this model is truly the future of retail or just a recycled concept of the past in this piece.

  • In this Furniture Today bedding blog post, reporter David Perry chronicles the current status of mattress e-commerce brands with the help of Mike Magnuson, founder and CEO of, claiming that these fierce competitors are still gaining market share.

  • Content marketing might feel like just another trend in marketing, but it really works. At Sleep Retailer, we see it as one of the best ways to not only create awareness of your brand, but also build a strong rapport with potential customers. Read our tips on developing your strategy here.

  • While many retailers are focused on rejuvenating their stores with high-tech, hyper-speedy solutions, a Forbes contributor highlights the value and benefits of the analog "slow shop" in this thoughtful story.

  • Deloitte recently released a report claiming that blockchain may be the key to cracking common retail pain points; the report is unpacked in this article from Coindesk.

  • With e-commerce competition looming, it's more important than ever for brick-and-mortar retailers to create a positive and memorable experience for consumers. But data shows that many retailers are out of touch with the experience customers have in their stores. In a new Sleep Retailer original article, we lay out some strategies for creating a better experience.

  • Furniture Today's bedding conference honored numerous industry giants earlier this month. Read the coverage here.

  • From gravity blankets to the latest in anti-snoring devices, The Telegraph UK tested them all and reported back in this article.

  • Lately, rumors have swirled about how much brick-and-mortar mattress retailers actually mark-up their products. We unpacked these rumors, determined where they are coming from and how retailers might combat them in another new Sleep Retailer original article.

  • Barron's talks about how brick-and-mortar stores can harness tech to drive more traffic and ultimately compete with digital native start-ups and giants like Amazon in this retail round-up.

  • BB&B (also known as Bed, Bath and Beyond) appointed Stephanie Bell Rose to its board of directors; read the full press release from PR Newswire.

  •  A Matt. Firm exec claims that established retailers, presumably Mattress Firm, can, in fact, disrupt the industry. The Houston Chronicle has more here.

  • Som Sleep recently launched a new ambassador and affiliate program encouraging industry influencers to apply to promote the brand as a way to monetize their blogs, social media accounts and earn product giveaways for their audiences. Read the full press release from PR Newswire to learn how it works.

  • King Koil recently announced that its Arizona plant is up and running. Sleep Retailer has the scoop.

  • A new start-up (no, not another boxed bed one) is revamping the baby monitor to help babies and parents achieve better sleep. Read the story from Alleywatch to learn more about the brand's incredible fundraising efforts and unique product.

  • Leesa (this one is a boxed bed start-up) is having some legal troubles, but these legal troubles are really part of a larger battle between brothers. The plot of this dramatic story is thick, so read the full coverage from The Virginian Pilot Online.

  • You don't need complex data technology to understand your customers and better their experience in your store. We shared some low-tech ways to influence consumer buying habits in this original article from Sleep Retailer.

Science & Fun Stuff

  • bon appetit was all about sleep this week. They explored the new fixation on sleep as wellness in this article, named some foods that can improve your sleep in this story and asked a doctor a million sleep questions (no, not actually a million) in this piece.

  • Counter to a piece we did at Sleep Retailer on why bingewatching might be bad for you, AJC has a lifestyle article about how to bingewatch and still sleep well.

  • In semi off-putting news but also semi-hilarious news, a report from The Society for HR Management provides a breakdown of employees who admit to sleeping at work by industry.

  • Some of us have the impulse to fall asleep in response to a problem. In a new theory seeking to explain the connection between creative problem solving and sleep, the researcher claims that the process involved in problem solving only takes around 60-90 mins. We explored the theory and contemplated how it might also help justify napping as a way to work through a challenge in this story from Sleep Retailer.

  • This list from Express UK names the drinks to avoid for a good night's sleep.

  • Forbes recounts the swanky history of the Savoir bed and how a hotel inspired a mattress revolution in this nostalgic piece.

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