Snooze News Weekly | May 11 – 17, 2018

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  • ISPA released its industry trends report highlighting the wage forecast. Access more information about the report in this article from BedTimes.

  • Good news: U.S. retail sales are on the rise this spring. US News and World Report has the details here.

  • Spring Air continues to expand internationally, the brand recently signed a new licensee in Israel. We've got the story at Sleep Retailer.

  • IKEA donated bedding to Indiana refugees. WTHR Indianapolis covers the company's philanthropy in this article.

  • In this Gizmodo piece, the writer explains why she chose not to buy a new mattress online.

  • IMC and AmericasMart have joined forces to become the nation's largest market owner and operator. Find the full story at

  • It's all about the EBIT margins. According to this article from Benzinga, retailers with a "layer of protection" from, Inc., like Home Depot, expanded their EBIT margins while retailers that more closely compete with Amazon, i.e. Pier 1 Imports, have shown an EBIT margin erosion of 420 basis points on average.

  • In this fascinating story, Architectural Digest explores why designers are deeming bedding and mattress start-ups their start-ups of choice.

  • From this article proclaiming that 'the future of retail is cheaper than its present' and this piece addressing what retail job analysts missed to this Macy's case study, Forbes has been meditating on retail trends and challenges this week.

  •  BEDGEAR personalizes the in-store experience in a new, innovative sleep shop-in-shop inside One Ten's newest Long Island showroom. Read the full article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Furniture Today talks about how the boxed bed revolution has led retailers and manufacturers to get more creative in this blog post.

  • Smartbrief released its quarterly retail news and trends update. Read the full report.

  • A new, small mattress business, Mattress By Appointment, uses an interesting concept to put consumers at ease. It's simple, they offer consumers the chance to try mattresses by appointment only. The Milton Courier has the story.

  • Ergomotion is introducing a new video and radio series to provide RSAs an enhanced training experience. Read more about the launch in this piece from Sleep Retailer.

  • Motley Fool Canada has given up on Sleep Country stock for the summer. Read the full analysis..

  • We considered the top four reasons to stock organic products in this article from

  • Hypepotamus explores the ways virtual reality is re-shaping retail in this story.

  • Start-ups are helping both retail landlords and tenants seeking short term leases. Cutting new types of deals, these real estate transactions allow tenants lower cost rentals and help landlords keep buildings bustling with shoppers. National Real Estate Investor delves deeper into the phenomenon here.

  •  ISPA improved its industry trends report this year by altering its sample factors and adding several important new data points. Get the scoop at

  • In this list of our own making, we curated some outside of the box accessory options to help refresh your inventory. Check out aromatherapy products, sleep masks and more at

Science & Fun Stuff

  • INSIDER shares the five signs your body needs more sleep in this article.

  • Did you know talking in your sleep is called a somniloquy? Research shows  that most people's somniloquys are riddled with cuss words and might actually show their meaner sides. Read the full story from Sleep Retailer.

  • Atlas Obscura wants to know - is a chimp's bed cleaner than a human bed? Read more to find out.

  • Can cannabis help you sleep better? We did our due diligence, read up on our conclusions at

  • Did you know that people with disrupted sleep patterns are more likely to develop mood disorders? The Independent UK unpacks the research in this life-style piece.

  • Get in touch with your wild side. Apparently there's a whole animal kingdom of sleep chronotypes out there and knowing yours could help you feel your best. Learn more about how it works in this article from Sleep Retailer.

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