Snooze News Weekly | March 30 – April 5, 2018

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  •  Gold Bond offsets its material costs by using its old standby, cotton. Read the full story from Sleep Retailer.

  • This comprehensive blog post from Thinknum truly lays the Mattress Firm/Steinhoff nightmare bare with excellent graphs and charts to illustrate its points.

  • Eclipse International expands its Van Vorst line with two new mattresses that use Activcor. We've covered the new additions in this story from Sleep Retailer. 

  • While it may not be on the radar of the sleep industry, there's been an ongoing debate on in the trucking and freight industry regarding the issue of drivers getting adequate sleep. This debate has prompted legislation that could potentially alter hours of service and make the roads safer for everyone. Read the full story from Freight Waves.

  • Paramount Sleep supplies 21c Museum Hotels with bedding and mattresses in their unique, boutique rooms. Hotel locations in Louisville and Bentonville were recently recognized for their soothing accommodations. Read all about it in this article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Can data from a sleep tracker help patients and their doctors have more purposeful conversations about sleep? Merck and the National Sleep Foundation are eager to find out. This article from Mobi Health News describes the new study which uses fitbit data to enhance doctor/patient conversations and determine the value of sleep trackers in healthcare settings.

  •  Rem-Fit and the Furniture Marketing Group are teaming up to better support retailers. Read the details of this new partnership in this post from Sleep Retailer.

  • Looking to stock sleep products for pets? This article from Pet Age talks about the latest trends in natural and ec0-friendly bedding for furry friends.

  • Vogue covers Max Richter's eight-hour musical experience, "Sleep" in this fun read.

  • Did you miss last month's Sleep Retailer eNews? In the March 22nd issue, you can read about: the power of post-sale customer service, how the conversation around sleep is shifting and a new habit that could help you sleep better.

  • If you are headed off to High Point this month, note that the C&D building will house events. Home World Business has the details in this story.

  • Don't miss sales training specialist Lynne Jenson- Nelson, who will be speaking at the upcoming Furniture Today Bedding Conference. Furniture Today shares the details in this article.

  •  See what bedding brands will be showcasing their products at the spring High Point Market next month with Sleep Retailer's Market Guide.

Science & Fun Stuff

  • WebMD talks weighted blankets in this article. While there is limited research on the effectiveness of weighted blankets, people with anxiety and insomnia have reported feeling calmer and getting better rest when using them. The article cautions readers not to see weighted blankets as cure-alls, but does suggest that they could serve as a solid alternative to sedatives - if it works for you.

  • It turns out, some of us are overthinking sleep. According to a recent Inc. article, there's a new disorder on the loose that is, in a sense, caused by sleep trackers. Termed "orthosomnia," the condition is described as "an obsession with 'correct' sleep" often after tracking sleep. Apparently, the way we feel about our sleep can actually impact how tired we feel during the day. Who knew?

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