Snooze News Weekly | June 15 – 21, 2018

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  • Did you see the buzz about Raymour & Flanigan's recent pizza promotion? We examined why the campaign got so much attention in this Sleep Retailer original case study.

  • Tom Hanks fans rejoice: one mattress company recreated the loft from the movie Big. Bizbash has the story and photos to help feed your nostalgia.

  • Philips recently gained recognition for its sleep monitoring solution. Read the full press release from PR Newswire.

  • Since mattresses are tricky to steal, sleep shops have traditionally been fairly secure. But with cyber crimes on the rise, retailers have new risks to consider. We explore the future of retail security in a Sleep Retailer original piece.

  • Two e-tailers have recently remodeled their brick-and-mortar locations. Read about Verlo's new storefront in this press release from Business Wire and Nest Bedding's renovation in this article from Furniture Today.

  • Bed, Bath and Beyond recently launched a new version of its rewards program. Read this story from the Star Tribune to learn how it stacks up with similar programs run by the retailer's competition.

  • Spring Air recently signed a new US licensee. Get the full scoop in this post from Sleep Retailer.

  • Poor sleep habits could cost the US. In this article from Big Think, the writer quantifies just how much sleep loss could cost Americans by 2020.

  • Forbes names the big players driving the digital transformation of retail in this story.

  • Malouf hired a new sales director to manage the brand's expansion into Latin America. Read the full coverage at

  • The "Apple store for sleep" is set to open in Park Meadows Mall of Colorado. Read what the retailer is doing differently in this article from the Centennial Citizen.

  • Retail sales rose in May and the retail sector continues to grow! Read the details in this news story from

  • Bose recently launched a new sleep tech product. Tech Crunch has the scoop.

  • The Atlantic hypothesizes that shops aren't for shopping anymore. Learn what they might be for now in this riveting story.

  • Continuing to expand its global presence, PureCare recently announced a new partnership with Index Living Mall in Thailand. Read more in this piece from Sleep Retailer.

  • More tech-y sleep products keep coming out! Forbes released this contributor piece exploring the uses of Eight Sleep's Sleep Coach App while this product overview from Bustle introduces a new metronome sleep light meant to retrain your brain to fall asleep.

  • In the world of retail, tariffs and tax laws are making trouble. Barron's retail round-up talks tariffs and industry evolution while Dallas News covers the tax law typo causing chaos among business owners.

  • In positive news for brick-and-mortar retail, the Supreme Court is paving the way for sales tax to apply to eCommerce. Get the details in this update from the New York Times.

Science & Fun Stuff

  • Humans have still not evolved past a number of basic survival instincts including the drive to be on alert in a new environment. We explored why the first night away when traveling is often restless in a Sleep Retailer original piece.

  • According to this article from the Washington Post, there may be a correlation between race and sleep. While the article explores both the social and scientific variables proven to contribute to this disparity, it's definitely an issue deserving of more consideration and research.

  • Did you know that many couples are calling it quits on sharing a bed? If you are among the couples struggling to sleep on the same mattress, Brooklyn Bedding has some tips for you in this list of top 7 bedroom challenges couples face and how to fix them at!

  • This release from Science Daily claims that floppy eyelids could indicate sleep apnea. Read on to find out why!

  • Combat summer sleep troubles with these tips from Sleep Retailer.

  • Is summer making you sleepy? This article from Bustle talks about how and why the summer solstice impacts sleep quality and energy.

  • Did you know that sleep doesn't just influence eating habits, it actually impacts metabolic health? We wrote about how losing sleep can add to inches your waistline in this original story from Sleep Retailer.

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