Snooze News Weekly | July 6 – 12, 2018

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  • Walmart is paving the way for cashier-less retail. Read more about the company's automated check-out odyssey and the implications of the switch in this article from Digiday.

  • Retail jobs were on the rise in June. Shop-Eat-Surf has the numbers here.

  • Forbes talks about two disparate types of retail by comparing the Dollar Store with the Apple Store in this article

  • BBB Update: Dayton Daily News predicts numerous Bed Bath and Beyond store closures in this article, while The Motley Fool considers the impact of BB&B sales dips for investors in this story.

  • Recently bringing on a Turkish licensee with distribution in the UK, Eclipse International continues to expand abroad. Get the full scoop at

  • The Trump administration's tariffs against China are hurting American consumers instead of resolving trade issues with the country, National Retail Federation president and CEO Matthew Shay told CNBC on Wednesday. Watch the full statement at

  • Adrocket by Retailer Web Services, launched its first large scale, automated campaigns in May. Read more about the program and its capabilities in this article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Co-working and Retail: According to this story from Forbes, popular co-working company, WeWork, is making its first foray into the world of retail with WeMKRT, but Forbes contributor, Christopher Walton, is skeptical. In this post he talks about why the potential for this crossover to save retail is just hype.

  • CNBC covers what's working for brick and mortar in this video.

  • Read how one west Georgia bedding manufacturer transformed itself through innovation and digital marketing in this story from MDJ Online.

  • Opportunistic mattress start-ups just keep appearing out of nowhere! According to Crunchbase, they are likely to continue disrupting the industry. Read an in-depth exploration of the bed-in-a-box boom here.

  • With the summer Las Vegas Market around the corner, Soft-Tex recently announced a slew of new and innovative solutions it plans to unveil at the end of the month. Read more from Sleep Retailer here.

  • Another young person is out to join, or rather 'disrupt,' the mattress industry, this time by relaunching an existing company. Get the details here from Memphis Daily News.

  • Remembering Earl Kluft: BedTimes covered the passing of Kluft this piece and Furniture Today announced that its July 16th tribute section is set in this article.

  • Last week's Independence Day holiday yielded some surprising sleep data from the alarm clock app, Sleepcycle. Read the full story   from Sleep Retailer.

Science & Fun Stuff

  • According to sleep experts, sleeping on your side might be the best thing for you. Get the details from Business Insider. 

  • Apparently you really can wake up on the 'wrong side' of the bed. Find out why in this story from Elite Daily.

  • Could 'sleep water' help us get the shut-eye we need? considers the new sleep solution in this piece.

  • Pop Science has a theory as to why we stay up late even when we don't want to in this article.

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