Snooze News Weekly | July 26-August 2, 2018

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  • The biggest news for us this week? The summer issue of Sleep Retailer was distributed at the summer LV market! Explore the full issue here.

  • Despite the ongoing threat of Amazon sales over retail, Investopedia has 4 retail stocks that keep shattering records. Read the full list here.

  • For an overview of the latest Sleep Retailer issue, read our Publisher's Column, where we talk about current industry trends we've noticed as well as the general feel of the summer issue.

  • This Forbes article touts the importance and power of the retail mix in brick and mortar.

  • Groceries and bedding? Aldi and Lidl have launched new bedding lines in the UK. Read more about Aldi's products from this article from The Sun UK and more about Lidl's roll out in this story from Ideal Home.

  • In our Editor's Picks, we highlighted products that really caught our eye as we were creating the summer issue of Sleep Retailer. Read more in the full story 

  • ISPA recently made a statement in favor of the Trump administration's proposed tariffs. Read the full story from Furniture Today. ISPA isn't the only industry leader making a statement regarding this issue though. Both Gold Bond and Classic Brands also issued statements and we've covered them at here and here.

  • In Sleep Retailer's summer Q&A, we asked industry leaders from Shifman Mattress and Beautyrest to tell us (and our readers) how they help retailers counteract negative messaging. Read more.

  • In a special feature, we dug into all that Protect-A-Bed does to put customers first. Read more about the PAB retail experience in this feature from Sleep Retailer. 

  • An earthquake proof bed from China draws mixed reactions in this story from Newsweek.

  • In order to help retailers understand the natural and organic sleep category, we've highlighted organic and natural products and brands in the Sleep Retailer Product Focus feature then supported the story with our guide to organic and natural bedding.

  • Barron's gives its outlook on retail stocks in this piece.

  • From the beginning, the Malouf brand's founders had an eye for detail and passion for creating a smooth customer experience. Read more about partnering with Malouf and the company's dynamic culture in this special feature from Sleep Retailer.

  • Furniture Today reports that the domestic bedding industry continues to struggle in this story.

  • Congratulations to Reverie's Deena Gardner for her promotion to director of marketing! Read more about the strategic move in this story from Sleep Retailer. 

Science & Fun Stuff

  • Read about the neural connection between poor sleep and depression in this report from Science Alert.  

  • From NBC News' Better, read up on how to reset your internal body clock in this article.

  • WSJ introduces a high-tech mask that might just help you sleep in this story.

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