Snooze News Weekly | July 19 – July 24, 2019

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  • Check out the NEW SUMMER ISSUE of Sleep Retailer online here for the digital edition and here for the web story versions of each article.

  • Forbes wrote about why independent retail is holding strong.

  • According to this story from Bustle, Victoria Beckham has a pre-bed routine suited for those with busy schedules.

  • Wells Company is producing eco-friendly and bedbug deterrent bedding. Learn more about the new product at Seacoast Online.

  • Mark Zuckerbergs sleep box might be coming to a store near you. Find out in this article from KJCT8.

  • NCFI recently hired Daniel Manning to serve in the new role of North American bedding sales manager. We've got the details at

  • According to CNBC, Bed, Bath and Beyond intends to cut 7% of its corporate staff.

  • OMI recently re-designed its website to highlight luxury, craftsmanship and incorporate e-commerce features. Learn more in this article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Business Insider compared Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond in this story. =

Science & Fun Stuff

  •  Different pathways process long-term circadian rhythms and short-term exposure to light. Read the research from Science Daily.

  • You can and should let your cat sleep in your bed. This article from The Cole and Marmalade Blog explains why.

  • Yahoo offers 6 feel good stretches to try before bed in this list.

  • Thinking about taking a warm bath before bed? Medical News Today wrote about the best time to do so.

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