Snooze News Weekly | February 8 -14, 2019

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  • NEW ISSUE: The winter issue of Sleep Retailer is here! In it you'll find: an in-depth cover story about Diamond Mattress, insights from industry creatives in our Q&A, a product focus on roll-packed mattresses made in the USA and so much more! Check it out in the form of web stories here and in the digital version of the print issue format here.

  • The National Retail Federation forecasts that retail growth may be slowing in 2019. Business Insider has the story.

  • Posh+Lavish is recognizing the success of its retail partners in helping to fund hundreds of lifesaving surgeries for children. Read more in this update from Sleep Retailer.

  • Brooklinen recently introduced cashmere sheets and duvet covers and Real Simple is all about them in this article.

  • The National Sleep Foundation is putting on a major consumer sleep product expo, featuring industry leaders in retail and manufacturing, sleep health experts and sleep tech brands this March. The association recently announced a number of its exhibitors. We covered it in this update from

  • Sleepscore Labs validates Smart Nora as an effective way to reduce snoring in this press release from BusinessWire.

  • Retail work schedules can cause problems for retail employees. Market Watch wrote about it in this story.

  • There's a new smart bed on the block. Digital Journal covered the new sleep tech product in this article.

  • PureCare collaborated with Index Living Mall to develop an innovative, co-branded new retail space. Read the full story from  Sleep Retailer.

  • By diversifying its board, Amazon is setting itself up for more innovation. Read Forbes' take on the company's move here.

  • Walmart is using Tiny Homes to showcase its online mattress brand. Get the scoop on this compelling strategy at

  • BedMart recently acquired ParkLane Mattresses. Learn more in this story from Sleep Retailer

  • Retail Dive outlines the 6 key components of the store of the future. Find out if you agree with the predictions here.

  • Malouf was recently recognized as a top  workplace for women. Read the full story at

Science & Fun Stuff

  • In this blog post from Psychology Today, the writers explored 4 sleep benefits of glycine (and you can find out what glycine is too!).

  • According to research from the NIH, sleep loss can encourage the spread of a toxic Alzheimer's related protein.

  • A recent study—broken down in an article from the Independent—shows that sleep deprivation can make us more sensitive to pain.

  • In this story from The Guardian, modern life proves to get in the way of sleep.

  • Apparently some people really can sleep with their eyes open. Read about the phenomenon in this feature from Parade.

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