Snooze News Weekly | August 9 – August 15, 2019

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  • Check out the NEW SUMMER ISSUE of Sleep Retailer online here for the digital edition and here for the web story versions of each article.

  • In this brief, Retail Dive talks about why retailers should revisit their real estate strategies.

  • According to this story from the LA Times, you can now sleep in an Edward Hopper hotel room.

  • Congrats to Sean Bergman who was recently promoted to COO of PureCare! Read more at

  • Marks & Spencer developed anti-allergy bedding. Learn more about the product from Ideal Home UK.

  • Premier is introducing an "honest bedding" collection. Home Textiles Today wrote about the new line.

  • Gold Bond is expanding its natural mattress program with a new addition. At, we've got the update.

  • According to this article from CNBC, retail might be rebounding.

  • Simba and Eve Sleep are merging. The Times UK covered the story.

  • Corsicana will be making its Nationwide PrimeTime Expo debut later this month. Read more about it at

  • Read about what you should know if you're thinking of buying a smart bed in this post from The Gadget Flow Blog.

  • Through a new partnership with Trade Linker, Kathy Ireland is expanding her bedding product portfolio. HFN has the news.

  • The HiBed Smart Bed has everything you could want and more but it comes at quite a price. Get the details from Business Insider.

Science & Fun Stuff

  • Ever heard of orthosomnia? Me neither! Refinery 29 can tell you all about it.

  • Sleep cycles could be genetic; the NY Times reported on the topic.

  • Wired published this story about sleeping in space recently.

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