Snooze News Weekly | August 16 – August 22, 2019

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  • Check out the NEW SUMMER ISSUE of Sleep Retailer online here for the digital edition and here for the web story versions of each article.

  • US retail sales are up, according to this story from ABC News, which sees increased spending as a sign of consumer optimism.

  • According to a survey explored in a Furniture Today piece, 44% of retailers are unsure about carrying online mattress brands in their stores.

  • In Colorado, an outdoor movie night quickly turned into the flight of the air mattresses. Time has the details (and a video).

  • Malouf is expanding its legal team by bringing a chief legal officer on board. Get the scoop from Sleep Retailer.

  • Sleep is a movement now and hospitality brands are in on it. Find out why at

  • A company called Burrow offers a sleep kit to make couches more comfortable for your guests. Business Insider wrote about it here.

  • STORIS is partnering with Emkat to help streamline warehouse operations. We wrote about it at

  • Business Insider rounded up great products to help you and your customers sleep on planes.

  • The Washington Post contemplated what would happen to retail in a recession.

  • ZedBed is launching a new copper infused mattress line. Learn more in this article from Sleep Retailer.

  • Forbes wrote about retail rentals and the latest brand to join the trend. How would this work in the sleep industry? Could it?

  • HSM is celebrating 75 years with a website that chronicles its history and more. We've got the scoop on the celebration at

Science & Fun Stuff

  • Americans are obsessed with sleep. PR Newswire has the press release that covers a new survey from Zinus.

  • Discover Magazine wrote about the science behind sleeping pills.

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