Weighted Blankets Provide Relief For Insomnia And Anxiety

Brought To You By TRUBlanket

Insomnia is an increasingly real problem in today's world. From lights in the house and outside to televisions, computers and devices there are so many distractions around that can disrupt our hormonal cycles. Stress from the day's news and the busy, hectic pace of the world give us more to worry about than ever before. It's just becoming so hard to go to sleep. When it comes to both external disruptors and internal stressors that disorder sleep, there’s a low-cost, science-based and natural solution available.

Weighted blankets are an effective aid for insomnia and broken sleep; they’ve been used with great results for years. The heavy weight of the blanket works by providing the entire body with a sense of gentle pressure, also known as Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation. It has been observed that DPTS can help with the hormones that are closely interrelated to sleep, including melatonin to help the body sleep and serotonin to help the body relax. Both hormones are shown to rise when a weighted blanket is used. Additionally, the body’s stress hormone—cortisol—has been shown to drop when using a weighted blanket.

But weighted blankets help with more than insomnia. They're also great for anxiety. The pressure lowers cortisol and mimics the feeling of being swaddled for both adults and kids (over a safe weight limit). This can be soothing at any time of the day, helping people chill out or come down from the whirlwind of each day by minimizing stress and promoting feelings of calm. Weighted blankets can also be helpful for a number of mental health issues that can cause feelings of stress and anxiety, including ADHD, autism, OCD, sensory integration disorder, PTSD, depression and restless legs. In any situation in which you might feel stressed out, it's nice to have a safe, comfy warm spot that's waiting to embrace you—and that’s exactly what a weighted blanket offers. It can even be beneficial for children who have meltdowns caused by overstimulation.

For people who struggle with insomnia and anxiety, TRUBlanket can provide invaluable relief. Inspired by his son (who struggled with anxiety and safety issues after being adopted), the company’s owner knows first-hand the impact a weighted blanket can have. When your child can't sleep at night, life can be pretty miserable; healthy children need sleep, and healthy parents do too. Weighted blankets can make a world of difference for the entire family.

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