The Future Of Sleep Tech

The latest in innovative sleep technologies will be on display at the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Show. Whether gently rocking babies to sleep, providing detailed and personalized sleep data or emitting soothing sounds, each of these cutting-edge products aims to enhance health, wellness and sleep quality.


Derived from the same EEG (electrocardiogram) technology used in sleep labs, the neurotechnology company Rhythm scaled down the tech and integrated it into an autonomous headband called Dreem. By accurately monitoring brain activity during sleep and independently analyzing it, Dreem uses sound stimulation to enhance brain activity and boost deep sleep. It also provides in-depth analyses of sleep patterns, along with tangible suggestions on how to improve sleep. In your waking hours, you can use the Dreem app to explore actionable and personalized insights developed by sleep experts.

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Kryo Sleep

The Kryo Sleep Performance System is a water-based cooling mattress topper designed to keep your bed at the optimum temperature for sleep. Using a water-based thermos-regulator, the smart mattress pad can cool down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You can manually adjust the temperature via mobile app or automatically throughout the night based on your sleep cycle. Simple, lightweight and easy to use, the system requires no hoses and runs on a quiet motor. With the ability to connect via Wifi to a whole host of platforms including NEST, Fibit and IFTTT, Kryo allows users to share sleep data.

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Eight Sleep

Aiming  to unlock your full sleep potential, the Eight Smart Mattress from Eight Sleep uses high-tech sensors embedded in the mattress to detect and track bio signals throughout the night to deliver a sleep report the following morning which includes details like time slept, percentage of REM sleep and heart rate. The Smart Mattress serves as a non-invasive tracking mechanism that can give the average person and health professionals alike a full picture of sleep health. In addition to measuring presence in bed, position in bed, body temperature, respiration, heart rate variability and bedroom light, the Eight Smart Mattress offers bed warming, smart alarm and integration to smart home devices including Amazon Alexa and Nest.

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Responsive Surface Technology’s smart mattress was recently honored at the CES innovation awards as a sleep technology solution for better sleep and recovery. With smart benefits built into the sleeping surface, the ReST Bed has five zones, each corresponding to a part of the body (Head, Shoulder, Lumbar, Hips, and Legs). Using the ReST app, users can customize the level of support for each zone. In addition, embedded in the mattress is a patented fabric that monitors each sleeper’s unique shape and pressure profile. This sleep data is sent to a quiet pump below the mattress which then automatically adjusts the mattress’ firmness in real time. Finally, the ReSTdash feature of the app reports unique sleep data.

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With a mission to combat the long-term negative effects of blue light, EyeJust founder Gigi Mortimer launched the company with the intention of offering a solution to the health risks of our tech-dependent lives. EyeJust filters the highest amount of harmful blue light without changing the color of the screen. Third-party tested and ophthalmologist approved for blue light blocking efficiency, the EyeJust screen filter is easy to apply and offers affordable protection.

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Philips Respironics

Passionate about providing products that support patients in leading healthy lives, Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care is a leader in sleep diagnostics and therapeutics. Building on the successful introduction of the SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband, SmartSleep now features an expanded suite of consumer sleep solutions; including a new headband designed to help habitual snorers and SmartSleep Analyzer, a tool designed to help people learn more about their sleep challenges and obtain information regarding solutions. The company also offers the Philips Somneo a sleep and wake-up light, which combines the benefits of a wake-up light with RelaxBreathe, a guided wind-down-to-sleep feature.

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Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. has developed multiple sound machines that incorporate the science of sleep and sound. The Sound + Sleep SE machine samples ambient noise and automatically adjusts the volume to the appropriate level. Offering a four-cycle timer, the sound machine can be set to auto shutoff in 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. The newly released LectroFan Micro 2 bedside speaker twists upward into a vertical stance, directing any one of its  four white noise, five fan noise or two ocean surf settings in the direction of the sleeper.

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Snoo from Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block

Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, the Snoo is a “smart sleeper” that soothes a baby with the push of a button and comes with its own app. Imitating the womb, the responsive bassinet features adjustable and automated rocking motions, white noise generation and a variety of safety and comfort that help babies sleep longer and better. Its inbuilt sensors respond to a baby’s restlessness and rocks it back to sleep while shushing it with white noise and gentle movement – similar to the soporific atmosphere it would have enjoyed in the womb. The Snoo was recognized as the innovation of the year by the National Sleep Foundation in 2018.

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