Planning For More, Better Sleep In The New Year

Like almost everything in 2020, our sleep habits were far from normal this year. Some people reported getting more of it, while others struggled to get a few hours each night. And let’s not forget how many people found themselves having weird dreams!

All of these different kinds of disturbances makes sense of course. Sleep is influenced by a wide variety of factors like daily habits, mental health and physical environment — all of which were totally upended for most people over the past nine months. As we did our best to navigate the new routines, stresses, safety protocols and what felt like an endless stream of news updates, it’s a wonder any of us were able to turn our brains off and rest at all!

But these past few months have also shed a light on just how important sleep is to both our health and wellbeing. Proper sleep helps keep our immune systems in working order and our anxiety at bay. It provides comfort and helps our bodies heal. It’s an opportunity to slow down, to dream, to prepare both mentally and physically for a new day.

That is the energy we would like to bring with us into 2021: recognizing that there are still a lot of factors making sleep more difficult, and still finding little ways to really make it a priority.

But as you know, when it comes to sleep hygiene, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Which is why we want to hear from you too!

What are you doing to help yourself sleep better in 2021?

  • Are you planning on heading straight to bed right after tucking your kids in every night?
  • Scheduling your work day to fit in an afternoon cat nap?
  • Making a point to keep your phone out of your bed?
  • Maybe trying a new weighted blanket or eye mask?
  • Or sipping some soothing herbal tea before climbing under the covers?

Because whether you are finally getting to the bottom of your chronic insomnia or looking to take your sleep routine from basic to ultra-luxurious—we could all benefit from a little more rejuvenating rest. Especially after a year like 2020.

Tell us about your best sleep resolutions! Just shoot us a quick email or get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. We’ll gather up some of the best tips and tricks and share them in the new year!