On American-Made, Roll-Packed Mattresses

When we talk about the benefits of boxed beds, people usually point to their convenience. No more waiting around for a delivery man or trying to lug a queen-size mattress up the stairs. The 100+ day trial periods mean that you can test drive the bed in your own home. And because boxes take up less space on the delivery truck, they are less expensive to ship, which usually results in a lower price tag.

But did you know that the process of compressing and rolling the mattress to fit in a box can also enhance its comfort and feel? By activating the cell structure of the foam, roll-packing takes the first stress out of the mattress’ materials—creating a more comfortable, broken-in feel from the get-go. It also minimizes the likelihood of dips or body impressions forming in the foam.

Thanks to advances in roll-packing capabilities, today’s bed-in-a-box options are higher-quality and more feature-rich than ever before. You can even find ones that combine foam comfort layers with more supportive innerspring coils.

With so many different options to choose from, how do you pick the best one for you? We’ve rounded up some of the most innovative bed-in-a-box options that are all made right in the USA.

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