On Adjustable Bases

A far cry from the hospital beds” of yore, todays adjustable bases are not only sleek-looking and unobtrusivethey also deliver unparalleled comfort and a multitude of health benefits. And with some models starting at just $499, you dont have to break the bank in order to enjoy a more personalized sleep experience.  

The most affordable adjustable bases will offer standard head-up/foot-up adjustability, meaning you can raise your bed to a seated position so you can more comfortably read or watch TV. From there, you can step up to more feature-filled options that offer more advanced pre-programmed positioning like Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore that are designed to help you get a more restful night sleep. With additional features like massage, under-bed lighting and USB ports, premium adjustable bases can help you transform your basic mattress into a comprehensive sleep systemall at just the touch of a button.  

More than just an optional luxury, adjustable bases can be essential solutions to some of the most common sleep problemsand a vital opportunity to achieve more rejuvenating rest.  

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Sleep Shopper Adjustable Base Shopping Tip