Sleep Retailer eNews | September 30, 2021

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The Return To In-Store Shopping Has Been Slow

Portrait young woman wearing protective medical mask walking into a store

What Retailers Can Do To Bring Consumers Back To Brick-And-Mortar

While many retailers had hoped that the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine would prompt consumers to head back to in-store shopping, things haven’t quite “returned to normal” just yet. According to new research on the state of retail, consumers have been slow to return to regular brick-and-mortar shopping, despite the fact that many of them believe it to be safe again. Taking a closer look at these recent surveys, we’re exploring the ways in which the pandemic has shifted consumer shopping behavior—and what retailers can do to make their in-store experience more appealing to today’s shoppers. 

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Snap Finance Drives Sales With Flexible Consumer Financing

According to Experian, 35% of Americans cannot access traditional financing options, thereby limiting their ability to afford household commodities or cover unexpected expenses. Lease-to-own financing bridges the gap between customers building or rebuilding their credit and the things they need and want, giving retailers the opportunity to grow their customer base.

Snap Finance is changing the face and pace of lease-to-own financing with easy, fast and straightforward solutions.

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Understanding Your Sleep Chronotype

The woman lay on the bed and phone. night time

Sleep chronotype has not always been a well-understood aspect of sleep. The term refers to sleep-wake behavior, or preferred sleep and wake times—and researchers continue to learn more about just how big of a difference having a morning versus an evening chronotype can make. The latest research indicates that sleep chronotype can have a significant impact on young people’s mental health. And while it isn’t necessarily a static trait, but the differences in the two chronotypes have other effects along all age ranges.

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