Sleep Retailer eNews | September 10, 2020

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Top Trends From The Summer Market

Closeup of many mattresses on display in store

Remember the hustle and bustle of the World Market Center? Waiting for the express elevator in a crowd of people from all of the world, then packing in as many as could fit? Wandering around a busy showroom, chatting and laughing and shaking hands? Walking outside to go find your Lyft and overhearing someone say, “You know, at least it’s a dry heat,” to the person next to them?

Boy, who knew 2020 would make us nostalgic for the long, tiring days of summer market?

Things were, for obvious reasons, very different this year. With just a fraction of the bedding showrooms open, and even less attendees making the trek out to Vegas at all, this was a market unlike any other.

But, as with most things over the past six months—the bedding industry adapted. Of those companies that decided not to open their showrooms, many debuted more robust digital resources and unique opportunities to connect remotely. And a small number of companies did find a way to safely welcome retailers into their market spaces. Because even with so many new obstacles, rules and anxieties, the world keeps moving. There are still beds to be made and beds to sell—and, thankfully, plenty of people who still want to buy.

We've rounded up some of the top trends we saw (from a very safe distance) at the summer market.

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The Value Of Cornering A Niche

Sign stand with an arrow in the target on a yellow background. Hit exactly on center. Tactics of advertising targeting. advertise campaigns. Goal Achievement and Purposefulness

When it comes to selling, anytime and especially right now, you have to have a strong value proposition to be successful. You also need some sort of edge that makes your brand unique. And that can be hard! What about your product or brand makes it sought after—especially in a market as flooded with options as the bedding and mattress industry? If you look a little more closely within the sleep industry, you’ll realize that some of the biggest and smallest brands are succeeding largely because of one specific aspect of their business—in most cases, they’ve cornered some kind of niche. We’re honing in on what a niche market is, the value of finding your own and some examples of companies who have done this well.

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Is Your Interior Decorating Affecting Your Sleep?

Blue prints, color swatch, pencil colors, sketches, plans and documents for a home renovation - No people

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, there are many things to take into consideration. Style, of course, but also function. Are you using your space in the best possible way? Do you have enough storage? Does it look cool? But there’s one more thing you should take into account next time you’re doing a little redecorating: your sleep.

There are so many different factors that can affect your ability to fall and stay asleep. Lifestyle choices are a big contributor, as are the products most directly connected to sleep (like your mattress, pillow and bed frame). But don’t forget that your bedroom environment plays a major role as well. Things like wall color, lighting and even the layout of your room can affect your mood, stress level and ability to get the sleep you really need.

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