Sleep Retailer eNews | November 18, 2021

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What Can The Sleep Industry Learn From The Casper Saga?

Casper’s recent acquisition has us reflecting on the brand, its history and the lessons its story can yield other bedding and mattress manufacturers and retailers.

Just shy of two years as a publicly traded company, Casper Sleep announced this week that it will be heading back to the private sphere. The company said on Monday that it has agreed to be acquired by private equity firm Durational Capital Management. After exploring the rise in DTC brands looking to IPOs a few weeks back, we wanted to examine this new chapter in the Casper saga and consider what the larger implications of the transaction may be and what the industry can take away from it.

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE | PureCare on Consumer Marketing

Mother and daughter sitting ona bed at furniture store, using smart phone together

We’re continuing our series on consumer marketing this week with PureCare!

Sarah Bergman, chief marketing officer and SVP of product development, joined us to share her thoughts on how the marketing landscape has evolved in the specialty bedding category over the past year and a half. We chatted about the increased demand from consumers for transparency, why “wellness” as a buzzword can be a double-edged sword and how digital technologies are delivering valuable insights for both the in-store and online retail experience.

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Exploring The Connection Between The Phases Of The Moon & Sleep

Two new studies seek to add to our understanding of how the moon may impact our sleep.

Long associated with mysticism and magic, the moon is an icon across cultures, religions and mythologies. Whether it is driving astrological signs to destructive behaviors or it’s helping farmers determine when to plant their crops, the moon does psychosomatically dictate human behavior in part due to the legends, stories, symbolism and theories surrounding it in all its iterations (full, blood, eclipse, blue and so on). Research from the past two years does prove at least some scientific relationship between human sleep and the moon’s many phases, but the relationship may not be as significant or as clear as one might hope.

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