Sleep Retailer eNews | November 12, 2020

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End-Of-Year Evaluation: Take A Closer Look At Your Strategies & Partnerships

Business people sitting at office desk, putting puzzle pieces together, finding solution, high angle view.

Recent news of coronavirus vaccine trial success has sparked a new sense of hope recently, but we shouldn’t expect things to snap back to “normal” any time soon. With the potential for a public vaccine roll-out still a ways away, and infection rates continuing to climb across the country, we can anticipate that many of our current challenges will extend well into next year. That includes: supply chain and delivery disruptions, in-store safety protocols and, for some consumers, financial insecurity. As we head towards the end of 2020, now is the time to really step back and take a closer look at these past eight months. What has worked? What hasnt? And that includes your manufacturing partnerships as well. Have your current partners helped you weather the difficulties—or simply created more headaches? Using this moment to reevaluate your strategies and partnerships will be key if you want to hit the ground running in 2021.

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Designing High-Performing Retail Environments

Moderm bedroom. Man and woman laying on bed furniture salon

Jennifer Magee, owner and creative director of Retail In The City, joins us to discuss the evolution of the in-store retail environment. Magee shares her unique insights on what today’s consumers are really looking for from brick-and-mortar stores—and how retailers can design their showrooms to ensure that their customers feels safe, comfortable and engaged. From appointment-based shopping options to strategic product organization and even separate entrances, our conversation offers a host of actionable tips for bedding and furniture retailers looking to increase the performance of their stores.

"I think that we just have to remember that is comes back to people. People do make the shopping experience, both the customers and the sales associates. I design store environments, which are physical things, but I am very aware that the people’s experience on both sides is what makes or breaks a shopping experience. It’s absolutely important to have the best physical environment you can. That helps sales associates so much, when they have a physical environment that looks good, that feels comfortable, that customers relate to because it kind of feels like home, it puts them at ease. It makes the sales associates job so much easier, and the customer feel so much more motivated to stay longer at the store - and the longer they stay, typically, the more they buy."

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Case Study: Support Consumer Wellness With A Sleep Subscription Program

sleep box subscription - girl in bed taking selfie with sleep products

Amidst pandemic closures, one Houston-based company came up with a clever way to keep business alive by developing, marketing and selling curated sleep boxes. We explored how The Nap Bar rolled out its Better Sleep Boxes, the types of products that are ideal for a sleep subscription box as well as their wellness benefits. We’ve also shared some tips for making this fresh idea work well for your store. All in all, this case study proves that even if your store has to close its physical doors for a time this winter, you don’t actually have to miss a chance to meaningfully connect with your customers.

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