Sleep Retailer eNews | March 25, 2021

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In this episode, Michael Magnuson, founder of, gives us a sneak peek at the company’s new podcast series and shares some key insights on trends impacting the bedding industry right now. As an online resource for mattress shoppers, GoodBed has a valuable vantage point into how consumer behavior has evolved over the years. We chat with Magnuson about how the pandemic has impacted the sentiment around trying in-store before buying, what he thinks the lasting effect of that shift will be on the industry—and how GoodBed is leveraging its resources and reach to help connect mattress shoppers to their local retailers.

“The reality now is very clear—and this was true before COVID but is even more true after—which is that there is a meaningful segment of people for whom visiting a store is not in any way a forgone conclusion. It is something that they have no preconceptions of a need to do it. And therefore, if you don’t show up during their online research journey, if you’re not in the places they’re going to make this decision, it doesn’t matter how high traffic the street is that your store is one because you weren’t on the street where they were traveling when they did their online research. It’s a new world and the media that you have to use to reach these people are changing. If you’re still doing things the old way, then you are missing this increasing chunk of the market which now may even be the majority of people.”

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What Is Lease to Own?

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3 Ways This Emerging Alternative To Financing Option Benefits Retailers & Consumers

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Roughly 47% of the US population needs to finance a purchase of $400 or more and half of the US has a FICO score below 700. These statistics indicate that a significant portion of the consumer population would benefit from and might be more likely to purchase when given the option to finance. But traditional financing is not for everyone—diversifying your offerings will allow more consumers access to your products. Lease-to-own in particular can be an appealing alternative to financing for younger consumers.

New approaches to customer acquisition have seen a drastic increase during the pandemic—and financial uncertainty during the crisis, as well as the rise of Gen Z as a valuable consumer segment are both driving more need for change. New providers, including Lease-to-Own providers, give retailers greater access to a specific demographic whose purchasing power is relatively untapped: the nearly half of Americans in their 20s who dont have a credit card.

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Sleep Trackers Versus Sleep Studies

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Exploring the latest in sleep tracking tech + when to take sleep issues to a professional

As a society, we’ve been thinking about how to use technology to improve our lives for a long time. Not only does technological innovation drive much of our waking life these days—it is an increasingly prevalent feature in our bedrooms as well, with the rise of sleep tracking, AI powered beds and on an even more basic level, smartphones. Today, there are a variety of tools we can use to learn about how we sleep and improve our sleep habits. Sleep trackers now come in all different shapes, sizes and functions, as the technology behind them continues to be expanded and refined. With this week’s new release of Google’s Nest Hub 2 with Sleep Sensing, we’ve been thinking about the best way to integrate sleep tracking into your sleep habits—and when it might be time to go beyond tech tools to solve a sleep problem. 

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