Sleep Retailer eNews | January 7, 2021

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How Did 2020 Change Retail?

Business owner woman wear protective face mask ppe hanging open open again after lock down due to outbreak of coronavirus covid-19

As we wrap up the first week of 2021, it has become abundantly clear that many of the issues and challenges we faced in 2020 did not magically disappear when the clock struck midnight. The impact of the past year will no doubt continue to reverberate throughout many aspects of life—including the world of retail. The way people shop, both in what they are looking for and how they expect to get it, has evolved and the marketplace has had to shift in response. But are these changes passing fads or are they really here to stay?

We take a closer look at the current retail landscape, what’s working and what isn’t—and explore some of the predictions for retail in the year ahead.

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Case Study: Hästens Ventures Into Hospitality

Hastens Sleep Spa

But not in the way you might think.

Hästens has been working on an intriguing new project recently—its very own hotel. Opening a hotel amidst the global pandemic may seem like an unwise choice, but Hästens’ new hotel is not a traditional travel venue. Instead of a place to stay while touring, the brand is offering a safe and health-oriented getaway that is centered around better sleep.

Located in the historic Portuguese city of Coimbra, the hotel is the first in a new business model that is intended to expand into a sort of sleep spa franchise. Hästens has partnered with Grupo o Valor do Tempo, a unique Portugese company that works across industries to develop high-end experiential concepts, on the project. With a 15-room capacity, this new hotel venture is meant to showcase the brand’s ultra-premium sleep products.

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Why Strength Training May Help You Sleep Better

women exercising in bed in the morning

2021 is starting off with a bang, but you’re certainly not alone if you still are not achieving quality sleep despite the dawning of the New Year. Even if life might very well feel out of control, we can all take some comfort in the fact that we can control the steps we take to take care of ourselves. According to a new study from Preventative Medical Reports, two common resolutions—getting better sleep and exercising more—could work together to help you be wholly healthier in 2021. The report explains that strength training can contribute to better quality sleep.

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