Sleep Retailer eNews | February 25, 2021

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Climate Change And The Bedding Industry

City Sunset in Smog

Limited Supply, Rising Costs & Disrupted Transportation

The mattress industry has seen its shares of ups and downs this past year. While the demand for sleep products has been high, manufacturers and retailers have had to navigate plenty of challenges and uncertainties. Everyone has had to become more flexible than ever, adjusting to supply chain disruptions and transportation delays. And while many of these new difficulties can be attributed to the pandemic, we shouldn’t underestimate how much extreme weather has also been contributing to this problem. More than just a far-off hypothetical, the impacts of climate change are already causing real issues for the mattress industry—from material shortages and higher component costs to logistics, inventory and delivery disruptions. 

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Post-Pandemic Shopping Predictions

Post-Pandemic Shopping - woman sitting on bed with shopping bags at her feet

What can we expect from consumers when things go “back to normal”?

With experts now predicting that the majority of Americans could get access to the vaccine in the coming months, there’s a chance that we may be able to get back to some semblance of normalcy come summertime. But will a return to “normal” life post-pandemic mean a return to “normal” shopping habits too?

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All About Melatonin

Sleeping pill in hand. Woman sitting on bed with medicine for insomnia or melatonin. Sleepless and tired lady can't fall asleep.

What To Consider When Using The Popular Over The Counter Sleep Aid 

Insomnia was on the rise even before the pandemic, but the sleep disorder is impacting even more people now—so much so that pandemic-era insomnia has earned its own special moniker: “corona-somnia.” A combination of factors like changes to our routines, less physical exertion during the day and anxiety all contribute to the growing problem. One way consumers often try to “treat” insomnia is by taking melatonin, an over the counter supplement.  In fact, melatonin has seen a sharp rise in popularity during the pandemic, with sales in the category increasing by 40% in 2020. But is taking melatonin and calling it a day a good way to address insomnia? What considerations should one make when choosing and using a sleep aid?

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