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Las Vegas Market Guide : How To Connect With Bedding Brands In-Person AND Virtually

Working during isolation period

The Summer Las Vegas Market is right around the corner—and regardless of whether or not you will be attending the event in person, there are plenty of opportunities for you to connect with bedding brands both in-person and virtually.

To help streamline your market planning, we’ve collected the most up-to-date information from across the bedding industry. Which showrooms will be open? What should you know to prepare for your in-person meeting? Which companies are offering virtual meeting alternatives?

Remember: many companies are still finalizing their market plans. We will continue to update this resource guide with new information as it becomes available. Be sure to check back for the latest details!

Which bedding brands will be at the Las Vegas Market?

  • Aireloom
  • Boyd Sleep
  • Corsicana
  • Diamond Mattress
  • Intellibed
  • LogicData
  • Malouf
  • Magniflex
  • MLily USA
  • Shifman

Which bedding brands will NOT be at the Las Vegas Market?

  • Blu Sleep
  • Brooklyn Bedding
  • Classic Brands
  • Eclipse
  • Englander
  • King Koil
  • Kingsdown
  • The Pillow Bar
  • PureCare
  • Restonic
  • Reverie
  • Serta Simmons Bedding
  • Soft-Tex
  • Southerland
  • Spring Air
  • Symbol
  • Tempur Sealy
  • Therapedic
  • Wright Global Graphics

If you ARE NOT attending the Las Vegas Market:

Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to connect with manufacturers this summer! In addition to its usual slate of product introductions, the bedding industry has also been hard at work developing new innovative solutions for staying in touch safely and remotely.

Whether through one-on-one video call meetings or comprehensive virtual showroom tours, these brands have made it easy for retailers to explore their new products, programs and assets—no matter what!

Blu Sleep

In lieu of in-person meetings, Blu Sleep will be offering virtual appointments instead. Retailers should contact their sales rep to schedule an appointment.


While BEDGEAR will be at the Las Vegas Market for in-person meetings, the company will also give retailers the option of Zoom or FaceTime meetings for those not be attending.


Corsicana is launching an interactive virtual tour of its Las Vegas Market showroom on August 30th. This online resource will be available 24/7, giving retailers access to the company’s complete portfolio whenever works best for them.


In addition to in-person meetings, Malouf is also offering a 3D virtual tour of its  Las Vegas showroom. This digital tool will allow visitors to explore all of Malouf’s products on display in the space, giving them the chance to learn more about the company’s product categories, best-selling products and new releases. Retailers will also be able to schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting with company reps or by contacting


Kingsdown is bringing market to you. The company unveiled its online showroom with a virtual kick-off event yesterday. The virtual showroom offers an in-depth look at all of Kingsdown’s products, collections and marketing assets—along with access to the company’s series of training videos. Retailers can set up a virtual appointment with their sales rep for a one-on-one “walk-through” of the online showroom, or email the company directly at

The Pillow Bar

While The Pillow Bar will not be attending market, the company is offering retailers the option of live tours via FaceTime. And, as always, retailers can also browse the Pillow Bar's full product line on the company website.


The Restonic showroom will not be open this market. If retailers are interested in connecting with the company, they can get in touch with Julia Rosien at


Always one step ahead, Reverie launched its own digital experience platform way back in 2017. The Reverie Partner Network provides retailers with exclusive access to product introductions, comprehensive content on Reverie’s products, training resources and the latest in sleep science. This helpful tool has become all the more essential this year, as it allows the company to connect with retailers safely and and remotely. Reverie is also planning a more intimate event in early 2021, which will feature interactive product demos, a first-hand look at the company’s latest innovations, insights into the customer experience and expertise on the science of sleep.

Serta Simmons Bedding

Serta Simmons Bedding is making a big splash with its market alternative. The company will be hosting a three-day virtual trade show of its own at the end of September. The event, which is called “2020: Leading The Way,” will be hosted by celebrity chef G. Garvin. This all-digital event will offer retailers insights on mattress category business solutions, interactive product experiences and opportunities to win exciting prizes. Retailers will also gain access to SSB’s detailed product launch content library, which includes: showroom walk throughs to introduce new products, 360 product lineup virtual tours with model-level specifics and feature, benefit and demonstration reviews. The virtual trade show will take place from September 23-25. Retailers can register here:


The SHEEX team will not be attending the Las Vegas Market in person, but will instead utilize the Market’s virtual tools to stay connected with retailers, including showroom tours and video conference meetings.


Soft-Tex is unveiling a comprehensive virtual market experience, including video demonstrations of new products along with scheduled Zoom meetings and line reviews with the company’s executive team. To schedule a virtual meeting, visit or contact John Timmerman at


Southerland recently introduced a new program called “Southerland Connects” that will give retailers a number of different options for how to safely connect with its team. These options include mailed samples, private showroom tours, factory meetings and more.

Tempur Sealy

Tempur Sealy will not be at the Las Vegas Market and will instead host retailer meetings at its headquarters in Lexington, KY and at Sealy and Tempur-Pedic plants around the country.


Therapedic is launching its first virtual showroom tour, providing retailers access to videos of the four new mattress collections. Filmed inside the Las Vegas showroom, each video is a narrated walkthrough the new mattress from the inside out, top to bottom—complete with thorough descriptions of key components, features and benefits. The videos will be distributed through Therapedic’s network of factories, dealer-direct marketing emails and social media. Retailers can also get access to the videos by contacting their sales rep or the company directly.

If you ARE attending the Las Vegas Market in person:

First, make sure to review all the precautions that the World Market Center will be taking to ensure everyone’s safety. In addition to these event-wide protocols, many companies will also be approaching their in-person meetings a little differently this year.


The Aireloom showroom will be open, but staff will be limited. Existing customers can schedule appointments through their sales representatives, while new customers can reach out to the company at for information.


The BEDGEAR showroom will be open, but staff will be limited and meetings will be appointment-only.


The Corsicana showroom will be open, but staff will be limited and meetings will be appointment-only.

Diamond Mattress

The Diamond Mattress showroom will be open, but staff will be limited.


Though its team will not be attending market, Eclipse is prepared to offer showroom tours coupled with FaceTime or video calls. The company has coordinated with the World Market Center to allow guided access to the showroom for retailers that want to shop the line. Retailers will need to make an appointment to schedule a tour, which they can do by emailing Matt Connolly at


The Magniflex showroom will be open with limited staff and meetings will be appointment-only. The company is also only allowing one small group (of two people) in the showroom at the time, in order to maintain proper social distancing. Masks must be worn at all times in the showroom and the company will also have disposable mattress protector sheets to use.


The Malouf showroom will be open but meetings will be appointment-only. Retailers can contact Malouf at to set up an appointment.


The MLILY showroom will be open, but staff will be limited and meetings will be appointment-only.


The Shifman showroom will be open. Appointments will not be required, but retailers can make them if they’d like by contacting

Learn more about these companies and their latest product introductions here.

Foot Traffic Is Changing, How Are Retailers Adapting?

Creative ideas for safely driving foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar storefront from Englander

Retail trends have been all over the place recently, thanks in large part to COVID-19—but these types of challenges did not appear overnight. Many bedding and mattress retailers have been struggling against slow foot traffic in recent years, but the pandemic has had a significant impact on customer volume, even as stores have been allowed to re-open. Its time to think outside of the box—try some new tactics to draw in customers. People are still looking for something fun, even if they’re still hesitant about in-person shopping. Rather than creating an experience inside your store, think realistically about how people are spending their time these days. What might catch a customer’s attention when they go on a walk? What sorts of outdoor activities are consumers interested in and which do they see as safe?

Consider these 4 ways to start driving more traffic into your store today:

Host An Outdoor Event

Drive traffic to your store with by organizing an event around an activity that can be held outside—like yoga or exercise. If you specialize in kids beds and sleep products, consider a story time. Events like this are valuable for bringing people together and to your store in a safe way.

Hold A Pop-up Shop

On a Saturday afternoon, most young couples arent going to be drawn to shop for mattresses, especially during a pandemic. But wellness items like plants and aromatherapy candles might catch their eye. By hosting a pop-up featuring popular items like this on the sidewalk in front of your store, you might be able to attract more customers—ones that weren’tt necessarily planning to go mattress shopping. This gives you a chance to remind them of how much they need a new bed or new sheets. It also gives you the opportunity to partner with another local business, like a nursery or boutique to supply the pop-up products. Finding new ways to foster good will with other businesses in your community can feel like a lifeline in tricky times like these. Who knows, this one event may even open the door to more permanent partnership opportunities in the future!

Maximize Online Chatting & Text Messaging To Stay Top Of Mind

If you plan to host an event or differentiate your product mix, make sure to communicate about it with potential customers through email marketing but also through text messaging. Restaurants are using these tools effectively right now—promoting specials and meal deals through text. Theres no reason retailers cant do the same.

Creative Advertising

As many people are relegated to their own homes and neighborhoods, theres been an increase in engagement with local news sources and neighborhood newsletters. If you havent been marketing in these venues in the past, now might be the time to start! And if your marketing team has invested in advertising in the local newspaper in the past, now isnt the time to walk that back—but you might just want to focus on digital. Diversifying your marketing outlets is key.

Looking for more ideas like these?

Englander offers a wealth of creative strategies and fresh thinking. When you partner with Englander, not only do you have access to a portfolio of time-tested products, but you also have personalized and innovative support with an emphasis on your brick-and-mortar store. Englander is dedicated to supporting its retail partners on the in-person retail level, come what may (including a pandemic)—and its leadership and account managers are not distracted with their own branded ecommerce business. The companys sole focus is on developing quality products and supporting brick-and-mortar retailers.

For more information, visit


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We sat down with Rob Stott, the communications manager for Nationwide Marketing Group, for the latest episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast. Listen now as we discuss the challenges and opportunities independent retailers have faced during the pandemic, what new kinds of support NMG has been offering its members - and why we’re all living in the “retail future” right now.

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Aging And Sleep

Senior woman sleeping

As we get older our bodies change in myriad ways and so too does our sleep. Beyond just age itself, there are numerous factors like health problems and medication regimens that can have an impact on the amount and quality of sleep an individual is able to achieve as they get older. Whatever the cause, sleeplessness is an incredibly common problem among the elderly, with 40-50% of adults over 60 reporting that they experience some form of sleep disturbance—and insomnia tends to be the most common.

There are some normal changes that you can expect to occur with each year that you get older after 50. It’s very common to experience simply having a harder time falling asleep, waking up more often in the night and waking up earlier in the morning. There are also some less prevalent but still treatable sleep problems that are particularly common among the over 50 crowd, including insomnia, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

We’ve highlighted some of the normal sleep changes that come with age, the primary sleep disorders that are most common among the elderly and a few of the ways that medications can impact sleep.

How Aging Changes Sleep

As we age we produce less growth hormone and less melatonin, making it harder to get a deep sleep. Many older people need to go to bed earlier or spend more time in bed in order to get the proper amount of sleep. Because these difficulties tend to emerge slowly over time, some people believe they simply need less sleep—staying up late and rising early. But even when you’re older, you still need a solid 7-8 hours; it just might become harder to get it.

Maintaining a consistent bedtime routine and a general schedule for your day will help. Staying active, getting some sun in the morning, using the bedroom for sleeping and sex only and avoiding alcohol before bed are all ways to make sleeping a little easier in your golden years.

Common Sleep Problems And Causes In Old Age

  • Insomnia - Insomnia is the inability to go to sleep or stay asleep and is both a disorder as well as a symptom of other health problems.
  • Snoring and sleep apnea - The most common form is obstructive sleep apnea, which is caused by muscles in your throat relaxing too much at night. There’s also central sleep apnea, which is when your brain is simply not sending the proper signals to your breathing muscles during the night.
  • Restless legs syndrome - This syndrome causes an uncontrollable urge to move your legs, making it difficult to relax and be still long enough to go to sleep.
  • Depression and other psychological distress - As you age, you will likely experience more loss and, depending on your social life and activity levels, may be spending more time at home being sedentary. Staying busy with meaningful activities that get your brain and body working can help mitigate feelings of depression, which can disrupt your sleep.

Underlying Medical Issues And Medications That Cause Sleep Problems

Medical Issues

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinsons
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple Sclerosis


  • Diuretics for high blood pressure or glaucoma (can cause you to need to use the restroom throughout the night)
  • Anticholinergics for those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Antihypertensive drugs for high blood pressure
  • Corticosteroids (prednisone) for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Antidepressants
  • H2 blockers (Tagamet) for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or peptic ulcer
  • Levodopa for Parkinson’s disease
  • Adrenergic drugs for life-threatening conditions like asthma attacks or cardiac arrest

What Should You Do If You’re Having Trouble Sleeping?

  • Take a good hard look at how you spend your time—are you getting enough exercise? Being sedentary can cause you to struggle to sleep or feel sleepy all day. Maintaining a social network and having things to get excited about can help you feel good too.
  • Do some research! Try to understand natural sleep changes and which of your existing medical conditions might be causing you trouble.
  • Talk to your doctor—not only will they be able to help diagnose a problem, bu they may be able to help you adjust your medication regimen to improve your sleep
  • Consider a sleep study
  • Try creating a bedtime routine and use some of our best tips for sleep wellness

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