Sleep Retailer eNews | April 22, 2021

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Las Vegas Market Wrap-Up

The latest product introductions and insights from market. 

Though we have yet to return to a totally “normal” market experience, the most recent Las Vegas Market was a good indication that a return to normal may be on the horizon. Originally planned for January of this year, it seems that the World Market Center made the right choice in rescheduling the winter market for April—attendance was noticeably up from last summer’s market. And, with plenty of new product launches and brand debuts on display, spirits are high; consumer demand is expected to stay heightened throughout the year and the industry is already preparing for new opportunities. 

Here’s some of the key insights and product introductions from the Las Vegas Market.

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Don’t Leave Money on the Table, Start Upselling Today

Family Mattress Shopping - man and two kids talking to woman next to mattress

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While today's shoppers are doing more of their own product research than ever before, there is still plenty of opportunity for retailers to upsell their customers to higher-quality options. According to Sumo, the online developer, upselling increases revenue by an average of 10 to 30%. Helping your customers get the most from their budget is not only an effective way to increase their average invoice, it can also help improve their experience. When done correctly, a successful upsell strategy improves customer satisfaction, which in turn increases the likelihood of them becoming a return shopper and bringing in referral business as they share their experience with others.

Whether your customers are shopping online or in person, there are several upselling options you can use. Check out these key tips for how to upsell effectively.

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Allergies & Sleep 

allergies and sleep - a white mug next to a pair of glasses and a box of tissues

It isn’t your imagination: seasonal allergies DO get worse every year. And if you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, you’re likely feeling congested and irritated right about now. This year’s pollen season is well underway and in addition to getting in the way of your ability to enjoy the great outdoors, it could also be interfering with your ability to get a good night of sleep. We’ve rounded up some information about how and why allergies are impacting your sleep, as well some tips to improve your rest so you can have that safe and fun summer—even if you are finding yourself plagued by allergies. 

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