Sheet Sets To Complete The Sleep System

By Elaina Hundley

While there are many different ways for a retailer to offer a complete sleep experience, sheets are one of the most important pieces of that puzzle. For this Product Focus, we are putting the spotlight on the sheet set. In particular, we are exploring sheets with unique value propositions within the market.


Malouf Home’s latest sheet product, the Lin­en-Weave Cotton Sheet Set, is available in four classic colors. Featuring a natural look and feel that is similar to the popular texture of linen, the new sheets are made of pure cot­ton. This fabric choice gives retailers a sheet with a designer appearance at a much lower price point. With the unique challenges pre­sented from the COVID-19 pandemic, partic­ularly decreased door swings, Malouf Home representatives recommend utilizing sheets as a jumping off point to pitch complete sleep solutions including protectors, sheets and pil­lows. Retailers can also match features with fabrics. For example, a mattress with cooling technology pairs well with Tencel or Supima sheets due to the moisture wicking capability of the fabric. Meeting consumer demand for sustainable practices, Malouf recently imple­mented new sheet packaging that uses 66% less plastic and gives customers the chance to feel the texture and softness of these sheets in store—without relying on a swatch book. This not only reduces environmental impact but also streamlines the in-store ex­perience for RSAs and consumers alike.


Engineered to wick moisture from the body, BEDGEAR’s Dri-Tec Performance Sheet Set offers a unique construction that keeps the body dry by absorbing sweat away from the skin and dispersing it evenly throughout the fabric for quick evaporation of moisture and excess warmth. The fabric is high-efficiency machine washable, using less water, deter­gent and energy to keep clean, while also be­ing wrinkle and shrink resistant. BEDGEAR’s performance sheet approach uses fabrics featured in everyday athleisure apparel. With a core belief of One Size Does Not Fit All, BEDGEAR aims to redefine the way people view sleep by developing interactive in-store experiences and breathable bedding products that are personally fit to a consumer based on specific factors, including body type, sleep position and temperature. The brand’s tailored approach also supports its environmental re­sponsibility aims by reducing the amount of returned goods being sent to landfills.


Manufactured using DermaTherapy fabric technology—an FDA 510k cleared medical device that can help to soothe skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne—Lifeloom’s frictionless sleep solution offers a unique value proposition within the market. Providing anti­bacterial and moisture-wicking properties, Lifeloom sheet sets include one flat sheet, one deep pocket fitted sheet and two pillowcases. A possible alternative to topical solutions for treating skin conditions, Lifeloom provides a cool and comfortable sleeping experience and does not use harsh chemicals to do so. Designed to feel softer than standard cotton bedding by using contin­uous filament yarn with no protruding fibers or lint, Lifeloom’s unique microfiber blend has two to three times the lifetime of regular cotton sheets and is machine washable on low-to-medium heat. While the cost of this product is higher, it also yields strong customer satisfaction and gives retailers a truly differentiated wellness value proposition to offer consumers.

Blu Sleep

Blu Sleep’s Ostuni percale sheets are made from high caliber cotton. Characterized by its matte finish and crisp hand, this percale sheet is made to improve with age. Incorporating a weave aimed at keeping the sleeper cool and dry all night, these sheets pair well with the brand’s Conforma mattresses, allowing the consumer to benefit from a comprehensive sleep system. Available in three colors—White, Ocean Blue and Sea Shell—the Ostuni sheets come with a suggested retail price of $350. Blu Sleep’s complete sleep systems are de­signed to deliver a personalized, pampering sleep experience. Each product features unique technologies and construction to pro­vide a refreshing and soothing experience.


Boasting thousands of 5-star reviews, SHEEX Performance Sheet sets are well-received by consumers. Designed specifically to alleviate overheating and other sleep-disrupting tem­perature fluctuations, SHEEX sheets provide a more comfortable night’s sleep. SHEEX team members offer two specific strategies to boost the sales ticket using a sheets. First, when customers finance a high priced mat­tress or bed, adding on a luxury sheet set to complete the purchase can be sold as only a minor add-on to their monthly payment. Secondly, the brand reports that its partners’ customers enjoy being able to walk out of the store with a tangible item while they wait for the major purchase to be delivered. Providing customers with a free or discounted sheet set when they purchase a new mattress is a low-cost incentive to help drive conversion. Wom­en-founded and led, SHEEX is an originator of the performance bedding category.


Part of Parachute’s first organic collection, the Organic Cotton Venice Sheet Set delivers pre­mium quality and is GOTS certified for a natural story. Crafted with a crisp, clean weave, the product is also garment washed for a super-soft, lived-in feel. The set includes one fitted sheet, one duvet cover and one set of pillowcases available in multiple sizes in muted, dusty hues inspired by nature. Another brand smartly identifying and responding to increased consumer interest in transparen­cy and sustainability, Parachute recently an­nounced new commitments to people and the planet at the beginning of 2022. An extension of the brand’s dedication to making timeless, durable products that encourage conscious consumption, the new commitments embody crucial values for today’s shopper. By show­casing sheet sets as an important part of building a comfortable sleeping environment, rather than an afterthought, retailers have an opportunity to increase the sales ticket with these fun and practical accessories.

This article was featured in the Spring 2022 issue of Sleep Retailer.

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