Q&A: What Does Performance Mean?

As the number of high-tech mattress, sheet and pillow collections continue to grow, the latest buzzword in bedding is definitely “performance.” Offering a unique athletic or wellness story, these products provide consumers with tangible physical benefits—and retailers with the opportunity to successfully add-on to their mattress sales.
But the specific definition of “performance” bedding can differ from company to company and product to product. We decided to head to the source, looking to three leading accessories manufacturers to answer the question:



Bedgear is the pioneer of performance bedding and, for us, performance isn’t just a trendy industry buzzword, it’s the core of and focus of our company. We’ve built our business on unique fabric technologies that provide heat- and moisture-wicking functions and more, as well as our distinct product constructions—including our patented, airflow enhancing, Air-X gusset pillow—and we possess numerous product trademarks that protect our future growth. As a brand, we have a “life hacker” philosophy; we believe everything in life should perform and help you achieve more, including your bedding.

Sleep is one of life’s three key essentials— it’s just as important as water, and more important than food! We’re changing this last essential to life that until now has been untouched, basic and white. By creating this new category of bedding, we’re inspiring consumers to understand you can’t cheat sleep—you can’t always get more time in bed, but you can get more recovery out of that time with personalized performance bedgear.

James Bell Protect-A-BedJAMES BELL, CEO OF REM-FIT

The concept of performance goes well beyond the gym or after a workout. We can only be ready to take on life’s challenges with a great night of sleep. With that in mind, REM-Fit’s expanded bedding collection is designed with innovative technologies to help customers achieve their fitness goals and improve overall wellbeing. The advancements in our collection include unique fibers to react and contour to your body, provide active moisture management, heat transfer, and efficiently block dust mites, allergens and bacteria from disturbing your sleep recovery.

REM-Fit is designed for the healthy lifestyle, and helps active people recover from exercise. It stands for REST, ENERGIZE and MOTIVATE. First, proper REST helps active people prevent injury, build muscle and improve speed. Next, people who are more ENERGIZED, experience better fitness performance and have fewer food cravings when they get sufficient sleep. Third, people are MOTIVATED to move more, get healthy and reach exercise goals when they utilize gear designed specifically for fitness and health.

At REM-Fit, performance means having our products perform at the top level in order to provide an optimum environment for rest, recovery and keep the consumer performing at their very best.


At Reverie, we define performance as the culmination of innovation, technology and quality manufacturing into a product that delights consumers by providing them with a sleep and recovery experience that helps them tap into the power of sleep. Our “Performance by Reverie” adjustable power bases turn a flat mattress into a customized sleep system that intuitively addresses consumer lifestyle and health needs. The performance materials used in our pillow and linens accessories further support the customized sleep system experience.