Q&A: The In-Store Mattress Shopping Experience

The ongoing growth of the online-only, direct-to-consumer market segment has done more than simply “disrupt” the bedding industry; it has shed light on some issues that have been lingering for years. For many busy shoppers, the process of rest-testing can feel arduous—especially when they’re faced with a showroom full of options and a limited understanding of all the different features and benefits that are available. While one-size-fits-all models may provide a convenient solution for frustrated customers, they do not necessarily ensure that consumers are finding the best bedding products for their needs. With this in mind, many savvy manufacturers have developed innovative new solutions that are helping retailers better connect with today’s consumers in the brick-and-mortar space.

How are you helping to improve the in-store shopping experience?

Bedgear - Eugene AllettoWe understand how important it is to create an exciting in-store retail experience for our customers. We take a focused and additive approach to connect with our retailer partners as we develop and curate the performance bedding category. We work closely to create a destination by customizing interactive in-store displays so we can tell the full story of performance bedding in an engaging way.


Kingsdown-Kevin-DamewoodKingsdown is focused on the science of sleep, and we believe every retailer using our bedMATCH is scientifically fitting their customers with the most supportive mattress. The bedMATCH process offers assurance that consumers are purchasing the right bed. Our approach—as more than 10 million customers have experienced—removes the guesswork and anxiety out of the shopping experience and provide consumers with an unmatched shopping experience in the mattress industry. To assist with the science associated with bedMATCH, we have created test pods and intriguing top of bed to help consumers understand they are being professionally fitted to the right bed. Using Bluetooth technology, LED lighting and the latest computer technology, we have the ability to illuminate recommended mattresses on the retail floor. With our comprehensive RSA sales training, the associates in our bedMATCH stores convey relevant sleep and health data to assist consumers in finding the perfectly fitted mattress. Using the system, our bedMATCH retailers net a higher close rates, higher mattress tickets, higher gross margins and lower comfort returns. The system results in more than 40 percent net profit while allowing retailers to differentiate themselves from the commodity players.


blu sleep elizabeth delaccioIn today’s expanding e-commerce market, Blu Sleep Products understands that brick and mortar retailers must offer an added value experience to their customers in order to attract and retain the customer. Today’s consumer expects the convenience of the internet and the service of a traditional brick and mortar retail store. In order to assist the retailer, we have developed a “Choose Your Perfect Pillow Program” which uses a visually appealing display and a simple 3-step process to help the RSA find a “best fit” pillow for their customer. Helping a consumer find the right pillow can be a challenge. We wanted to make it easy for consumers. We did an analysis of every pillow in our collection to determine the type of sleeper that would benefit most from each model. Our display simplifies this task by using basic guidelines, including shoulder width and the position the customer falls asleep in. We assigned a color for each pillow that will match the customer’s unique sleep style. Since the initial roll out of our “Choose The Perfect Pillow System,” our retailers have seen an increase in sales. It helps the RSA and consumer by simplifying the task of choosing the right pillow. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality sleep products for the ultimate night’s sleep.


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