Q&A: Staying Relevant In Today’s Industry Landscape

As the retail landscape continues to change, it appears that the bedding industry is in the midst of a major evolution. From savvy social marketing to high-tech products to nontraditional and e-commerce distribution channels, many companies are starting to rethink the ways this industry has approached bedding design, manufacturing and sales.

How are you staying relevant in today’s industry landscape?

melanie stranix zedbed"With the rise of Web 2.0 and online purchasing, information is circulating at a frenetic pace—giving consumers the ability to be much more informed and better at defining their needs. At Zedbed, we have improved the dialogue with consumers by having a bigger presence on social networks. Our goal is to provide a forum where consumers can interact with other consumers and with our experts to find the answers to their questions. We put consumers at the center of our continuous product improvement. With Zedbed as a partner, it is possible to buy a complete line of adjustable beds, pillows and mattresses that will be delivered by UPS to the customer’s door within three to five days. Many of our collections are easily integrated into online sales and e-commerce, with content ready to be added to the retailers’ websites. Our employees have always been a source of inspiration. We have a president who is very active on the factory floor, who communicates with staff, listens to ideas to improve their work efficiencies, who gets out in the retail stores, learns about new trends and talks with consumers. This attitude translates into a cohesive team, working towards a common goal, treating our customers with respect, and listening to our consumers. You can’t know what someone needs if you are always in a boardroom looking at numbers! We are always available for our partners and I think they appreciate that."

Sarah Budensiek PureCare"Gone are the days of “one size fits all” commodities and brands. Today’s savvy consumer expects personalized solutions that fit their individual needs, budget and lifestyle from brands that they trust. As the leaders of health and wellness in today’s sleep essentials industry, PureCare remains focused on innovation at every level. We don’t make sleep products, we design today’s most clinically proven and tested innovative sleep solutions that enhance comfort and wellness through technical textiles and health-focused treatments. We don’t assume our customers trust our brand, we collaborate with innovative and trusted partners like the National Sleep Foundation and the Women’s Choice Award. We engage and educate our consumers in innovative ways through social media, charity opportunities and blogger partnerships. We are innovators...are you?"
-SARAH BUDENSIEK, VP Of Marketing & Creative, PureCare

rick robinson spring air"We work very hard to stay in touch with consumers using a number of digital, post-purchase programs and other online vehicles that provide feedback over time. In some cases, we are in phone contact with consumers who purchased Spring Air products both at the post-sale and post-delivery phases of the shopping process. Another way we stay relevant is by being consumer-centric, ensuring that our products reflect what today’s mattress shoppers want most, which are specialty beds. With the recent launches of our Sleep Sense Hybrid Plus and Back Supporter Medallion collections, for example, we’ve significantly increased the percent mix of specialty products among our total offerings. We believe that consistent recognition of our brand in Consumer Reports—four times over the last four years—is proof that our products and our name remain both strong and relevant in today’s landscape."
-RICK ROBINSON, President, Spring Air International

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