Q&A: Staying Competitive At The Entry-Level Price Point

With the continued growth of the online mattress market, many bedding retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to compete at the $1,000 price point. As more consumers are opting for the convenience and affordability of ecommerce boxed bed brands, retailers who had previously focused on the entry-level price points are looking for new ways to reinvigorate their product offerings. Whether through exclusive features, convenient benefits or step-up options, manufacturers are finding new ways to deliver more value to these retail customers.

How are you helping retailers remain competitive amidst a growing number of new entry-level mattress options?

Gold Bond Bob Naboicheck

Robert Naboicheck, President of Gold Bond

"The under $1,000 mark for queen mattresses is right in our sweet spot. We’re able to offer retailers unique features and benefits that they can’t find from other manufacturers. Things like edge-to-edge steel support, two-sided mattresses, real coil and spring box springs and handmade quality make a compelling selling point for consumers shopping that price point. By limiting distribution in all marketplaces, we allow our retail partners to operate on a significantly higher margin, which is necessary in today’s business. We are all in with our brick-and-mortar retail partners who are fighting to compete against ecommerce. We don’t sell our mattresses online, which gives retailers exclusivity on our product lineup. We’re committed to helping our traditional retailers succeed in the marketplace."  Visit goldbondmattress.com

Serta Andrew Gross

Andrew Gross, Executive Vice President, Marketing for Serta

"Despite all of the noise from new entrants in the category, we’re proud to be the #1 mattress manufacturer in the U.S. and a brand that consumers know and can trust. This is a huge asset for our retail partners. We’re helping them leverage our brand strength with an arsenal of different marketing tools—such as mobile advertising and online video—to build awareness and consideration among consumers. Additionally, we’re working with our retailers to ensure they have the tools necessary to drive higher margin: our AMP program is designed to give retailers an edge in the digital age to help drive traffic to their stores, and we’re raising our game with simplified product assortments, training and point-of-purchase materials to help RSAs convert today’s busy, skeptical shopper." Visit  serta.com 

King Koil; David Binke

David Binke, CEO of King Koil

"We have done some reengineering of our line at the $1,000 price point to include features typically found at the $1,400 and $1,500 price points. We’ve brought in latex and higher coil counts into the under $1,000 price range so that our retail partners can offer consumers some compelling values."

Visit kingkoil.com