Q&A: Retail Software Solutions

With the continued growth of the boxed bed and e-commerce categories, many of today’s mattress retailers are adopting new point-of-sale and delivery options to remain competitive. These changes come at a time when brick-and-mortar retailers are also looking to optimize their marketing efforts and offer more unique in-store experiences. Now more than ever, mattress and bedding retailers need more advanced software, systems and tools that manage marketing, inventory, sales and shipping information.

How do your products help retailers manage these operational challenges?

QA_STORIS_Caitlin JascewskyCaitlin Jascewsky, Marketing Supervisor of STORIS

"Inventory management and fulfillment have always been driven by a unique strategy in the bedding industry. Just-In-Time inventory fulfillment through STORIS has helped our bedding retailers meet customer demand without over-stocking inventory for decades. Now the competitive nature of getting a mattress to a customer efficiently is more critical than ever before.

To begin, STORIS helps make the process of discovery and ordering a mattress seamless for the consumer. They can browse and shop a retailer online through eSTORIS before going into a store. Inventory availability, imagery, descriptions, and pricing are uniform between STORIS’ in-store and eCommerce solution. The retailer manages their inventory from a central database that syncs in real-time; no duplicate entry or lapses in data. Through our integrated features, the customer can easily see what items are available to view in their local showrooms and when that item can be delivered to their door, setting expectations upfront. From there the customer can add their selections to a unified shopping cart that will be updated in real-time from the retailer’s website to their in-store kiosks and in-store Point of Sale. Additionally, once the customer has a profile with that retailer, they are identifiable through a unique profile across that retailers’ shopping channels. Finally, because STORIS’ inventory and logistics are integrated, the sales associate can schedule delivery through logistical routing and provide the customer with their expected delivery date right at the Point of Sale.

At STORIS, we still believe whole-heartedly in the importance of the in-store shopping experience for bedding. STORIS’ Unified Commerce Solution is designed for a seamless and convenient customer experience across all channels."

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QA_PROFITsystems_Joanne GulnacJoanne Gulnac, General Manager of PROFITSystems

"RETAILvantage focuses on drastically increasing the profitability of retailers by providing the tools they need to manage their inventory, sales and overall operations more efficiently. The system’s integrated reporting and KPIs inform decision-makers of what is and isn’t working, making them more agile and able to pivot as required. In an effort to support the continued success of our retailers and meet their ever-evolving needs, PROFITsystems delivers annual software releases that keep pace with the latest technology. Our philosophy has always been to be “more than just a software provider,” and we stay true to this by providing our customers access to additional services, including professional consulting services, unparalleled software support and continued education and training opportunities."

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QA_PERQ_Scott HillScott Hill, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of PERQ

"A recent New York Times article confirmed that rumors of the death of brick-and-mortar retailers have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the author stated that the $3.5 trillion retail industry is flourishing for those stores that have evolved to match the ease and instant gratification of e-commerce shopping, while those that have not are either in bankruptcy or on the brink.

This is great news for retailers of high consideration items – products that consumers want to touch and feel before purchasing – such as mattresses. The challenge is that the online experience many mattress retailers offer has not caught up with the personalized, intuitive online experience today’s Amazon-native consumer expects. Data shows that mattress shoppers tend to be so daunted by the decisions required to choose a mattress that many abandon the process. However, the good news is that over two-thirds of mattress shoppers on retail sites are ready-to-buy or within just two weeks of their purchase – this is a huge opportunity for retailers to engage shoppers online and ultimately drive them into the store to buy.

PERQ’s AI-driven online guided shopping solution – which is implemented with a simple line of code on a retailer’s existing website – helps guide online shoppers down the correct buying path. Much like an in-store salesperson asks a customer what their sleep habits and preferences are, online assessments, included in the solution, gather the same kind of data. And, it’s able to remember shoppers’ information, adapting interactions to serve up the next best step in the mattress shopper’s journey, which ultimately increases the likelihood of an in-store visit and sale.

What’s more, the data collected in the store’s CRM delivers a complete consumer profile to the retailer, enabling the sales team to have better more relevant conversations with potential customers.Automated email campaigns can also nurture consumers based on where they are in the buying cycle, a practice that has led some stores to double the number of consultations being set.

According to PERQ’s home furnishing retail clients, the average impact of PERQ’s online guided shopping solution is very impressive: 62 times ROI within 60 days, three times lift in time spent on the site, over five times lift in web leads from their benchmark and an 11% lead-to-sale conversion, with some clients experiencing up to 20%."

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