Q&A: Predictions for 2017

The bedding industry has made major technological strides over the past few years: today’s mattresses and accessories are smarter and better engineered than ever before. Looking out on the manufacturing landscape, the level of innovation may seem boundless. But ingenuity is most beneficial when it truly connects with customers—whether it provides key solutions or meaningful perks. With a growing number of bedding options to choose from, it can be more challenging for retailers to predict which products will best resonate with their customers. As we head into the New Year, we turned to some influential manufacturers to help us prioritize the abundance of innovative products and technologies.

What are the most important product features for 2017?

OMI Jeff Bader“Much of the technology I have seen is surrounding a customizable fit, to better ensure consumers are satisfied with their purchase long-term. With this in mind I would say that customizable comfort is an important feature. I would also mention that while sleeping organic is not a technology, healthy sleep should remain at the forefront of every sleeper’s mind and be considered over many—if not all—“sleep technologies” that make promises they frequently can’t deliver on. OMI’s line of mattresses includes customizable comfort options and, of course, promote healthy sleep by way of being certified organic.” —Jeff Bader, CEO of OMI

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James Bell Protect-A-Bed“Technology, especially innovations in sleep technology, continues to evolve in the bedding industry. We’ve witnessed it first-hand at Protect-A-Bed. In just the last year, we’ve introduced two smart sleep products that accumulate data and analyze it. This means applying the data to actually improve sleep, rather than just observing it. As a result, users get an in-depth breakdown of their sleep patterns that they can use to change habits and improve their quality of life. One of the most important features for next year is the notion of personalization. It’s not a new feature; many pillows offer the ability to customize the fill to match a customer’s comfort and support needs. However, taking advantage of the technology available, the opportunity for retailers lies within educating customers on how the seemingly boundless available options of smart sleep technology can be tailored to meet their health goals and needs.” —James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed

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Dormeo Morgan Baker“As a growing manufacturing brand in the specialty mattress segment, Dormeo strives to offer our retail partners and customers new and emerging innovative sleep solutions. In 2017, we will utilize new production techniques in our USA-based manufacturing facilities to begin roll-packing mattresses made with patented Octaspring Technology. We want to offer all of our customers a new, more economical mattress solution that’s not only made in the USA, but has lower shipping costs, speedier delivery and includes of all the benefits of our breakthrough patented Octaspring Technology to deliver amazing support, comfort and your best night’s sleep, every night. Roll-packing and manufacturing product in the USA is a socially conscious and affordable sleep solution that will absolutely resonate with customers and retail partners that are seeking a more efficient e-commerce shopping experience. We are also focusing on cooling sleep and eco-friendly materials in the coming year. At market, we will debut the NEXT-G bed line, which enhances the Octaspring Technology with natural fibers like Tencel and All-Natural Latex to provide a whole new dimension of better sleep, cooling, contouring and comfort. For customers and retail partners who interested in eco-friendly sleep solutions, we offer dynamic sleep surface alternatives and naturally derived components that comfort and cradle the body for a luxurious sleep experience!” —Morgan Baker, VP of Sales of Dormeo North America

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