Q&A: Getting Consumers Back In The Door Safely

Though many brick-and-mortar stores are now back open for business, a lot of retailers are still struggling to get customers back in the door. Beyond just the safety concerns, some consumers have simply gotten used to doing all their shopping online over the past few months. But while it may be easier than ever to buy a mattress online, in-person rest-testing is still often the best way for consumers to find their perfect bed. Here is how a few leading bedding brands are supporting their brick-and-mortar retail partners as they look to reinvigorate their in-store experience for todays new world.

How are you helping retailers get people back in the door safely?

QA_King KoilDavid Binke
Chief Executive Officer | King Koil

In early May, we launched our Mattress Stimulus Package,” a program designed to give retailers relief from the cash crunch many experienced as a result of temporary store closures due to the pandemic. The program, which deferred payments on all new floor samples and inventory through January of 2021, allowed our retailers to not only restore their financial health, but also spend more on adding appropriate safety measures within their stores and kickstart sales with local advertising campaigns announcing store re-openings. To complement the stimulus program, we also developed two new, sharply priced mattresses that could be promoted at $799 and $999 to help our retail partners drive traffic and boost sales quickly as stores reopened. While we will always have a focus on luxury products, given the current economic environment, we knew it would be critical to offer a broader variety of price points so our retail partners could meet the needs of their customers, many of whom may also be experiencing financial challenges. The stimulus package is available throughout the remainder of the year and is open to new and existing King Koil retailers on orders placed from our factory in Arizona.

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THERAPEDIC - Gerry BorreggineGerry Borreggine
President & CEO | Therapedic International

We are trying to help retailers stimulate foot traffic with two timely national promotions. The Helping Hand Sleep Sale marries two elements - an additional saving story with a better sleep selling story. People need better sleep more than ever during this pandemic, and they need to save money now, too. This sale is a natural for todays times and it comes with point-of-sale items to help a retailer create in-store excitement. The 0% 0% 0% Sale is a free financing event. With money being tight for many during this pandemic, a consumer doesnt have to postpone the purchase of a new sleep set with this sale. This promotion is no money down, no payments, and no interest for a prescribed period of time at the participating retailer.

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QA_Precision_Scott TesserScott Tesser
Chief Executive Officer | Precision Textiles

In April, as we eyed the re-opening of brick-and-mortar retail stores across the country, we knew that consumers may be cautious of lying down on a mattress in a retail environment out of fear of coronavirus transmission. To help deliver peace of mind to consumers shopping for new mattresses, we designed and developed the first individually packaged hygienic mattress testing kit for use by retailers. Part of our SlumberShield branded line of mattress and pillow protection, each kit contains a mattress and pillow sheet that retail sales associates can use when consumers rest test mattresses in the store. The thin fabric is made of an anti-microbial polyester-rayon blend that is soft to the touch, does not crinkle and does not impact the feel of the mattress or pillow. The individually sealed kits are designed to be used once and then disposed of. We know consumers remain nervous about returning to stores, and our SlumberShield kits are a simple way to shop comfortably as they look to replace their mattresses.

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Steve RusingSteve Rusing
Executive Vice President | Tempur Sealy

Early on, Tempur Sealy instituted strict guidelines regarding transportation and delivery of products, to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, customers and consumers. In addition, the company introduced its Clean Shop Promise protocol, which is being broadly adopted by retailers to provide customers with a sense of comfort as they return to shopping in stores. The company built upon its unique combination of robust consumer insights and global industry experience to develop a holistic set of guidelines designed to offer consumers a clean and comfortable in-store experience. Tempur Sealys Clean Shop Promise program gives retailers non-branded assets they need to provide consumers peace of mind through a safe, clean in-store experience. Included are in-depth training materials, informative digital content, eye-catching signage and protective materials like mattress and pillow shields. Within a few days of launching the program, we received commitment from more thousands of doors to participate. As awareness of the program grows, the number of doors has increased.

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QA_BEDGEAR Eugene AlettoEugene Alletto
Founder & CEO | BEDGEAR

BEDGEAR has created clean” guidelines for retail customers, including the use of BEDGEARs patented Sleep Napkins, to ensure consumers feel safe and comfortable so they continue to shop in-store today and after the pandemic. To ensure retailersfront-line employees have protection, BEDGEAR is also provided KN95 respirator masks along with BEDGEAR's new Performance Mask to its retail customers and their employees.

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